Iceland shoppers furious over big rule change at checkouts


ICELAND has made a major change in the way its home delivery service works in stores and customers are not happy.

Until recently, shoppers who opted for the supermarket’s home delivery service had their goods packed by staff for them.


Iceland changes its delivery home service, irritating some customerscredit: getty

But now, the supermarket giant says customers will have to pack their groceries until then.

The home delivery service allows customers to shop for their items in-store and have them delivered home a second time – it’s free as long as you spend at least £20.

This is a convenient option for many customers, including elderly people or those who do not have a car.

Earlier, customers carried their belongings to the point where a member of staff would pack them in bags.

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But customers are now expected to do so for themselves.

Iceland Emailed its members about the change.

It said: “Within the next few weeks, instead of packing your purchases for yourself, you will need to pack your own bags for home delivery.

“That’s the only thing that’s changing, everything else remains the same, including free delivery when you spend £20.”

Iceland has also shared its advice on packing groceries with customers.

It said: “Remember to separate your frozen, fresh (chilled) and grocery items into separate bags.

“This means they will be stored at the correct temperature before they are delivered”.

Iceland said shoppers can ask staff for help if they want help packing up their store.

A shopper posted the update to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK.

But customers have criticized Iceland for this change on social media.

Writing in the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one shopper said: “Then it seems pointless. I did it because I had a broken arm, other people may do it for other reasons, but if you have to bag it.” It seems like a futile exercise if you have to keep yourself up.

“Do you have to go pick it up with the delivery van too?”

Another said: “They will still be delivering it, but my mother, like the other elders, will struggle to do her packing.

“That was your unique selling point, Iceland, and I think it’s very rare for you to change that.”

Not everyone was against the change, though. One shopper said: “I can see why. Customers will stand up and watch the cashier do all their purchases – why not hand them over so it’s done much quicker?”

Sun has asked Iceland whether this change is permanent or temporary is being tested and will update this article when we hear back.

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