Iconic London monument could be yours for £45k… but there’s a catch


An iconic London monument is on the market for £45,000 – but there’s a catch.

Potential buyers who have always wished to own a historic piece of capital may now be able to turn their dreams into reality.


£45,000. May an iconic monument in London be yourscredit: Bidx1/Triangle News
Historic red phone box has gone on sale in upmarket Kensington


Historic red phone box has gone on sale in upmarket Kensingtoncredit: Bidx1/Triangle News

Buyers should be aware that their money won’t get them a huge asset, albeit a small coveted red phone box.

Red Kiosk in Upmarket Kensington, West LondonMeasures only 3 feet deep and wide and only 8 feet high.

However, it has electricity and is classified as a listed building.

This status means that the buyer can resell the kiosk at any time but cannot remove them or replace the exterior.

And the K6 box—which dates back to the 1930s—can be converted into a shop and business by any potential owner.

Property company BidX1 put the phone box up for sale and the booth can be used as an advertising space by any potential buyer.

The phone box is located on Church Street and can be found next to restaurants in the luxurious area.

it’s too close Prince William And Kate’s Home just a stone’s throw from Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace.

But its £45k asking price is more than a two-bed house in the UK’s most affordable city to live in.

But you can buy a family, terraced home in Shildon, Co Durham for less than guide price.

There are two bedroom homes that cost less than £30,000 and many are currently on the market for between £40,000 and £45,000.

Meanwhile, buyers are on the alert after Jamiroquai Star pads were put on the market for around £500,000.

And recently a spacious three-bed house went up for sale for just £195,000, although the kitchen might surprise you.


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