I’m a budgeting expert – four healthy products to buy in bulk at Costco for as low as $6


Many of the most attractive offers at Costco are the store’s wholesale offers.

Costco members get access to lower prices on many groceries and other staple products, but shoppers usually find the best savings on bulk purchases.


TikTok user @mamalivingabroad showed off four of her favorite bulk purchases at Costco

As one TikTok user pointed out, some of the best grocery bulk shopping at Costco can help you stay fit without thinning your wallet.

Rachel, who runs the account @mamalivingabroadposted a clip showing four bulk products packed with protein for anyone looking to eat healthy on a budget.

His likes are:

  • 6-pound bag of edamame, $13.79
  • Three Pound Jar of Cheese, $5.99
  • 48-ounce tub of Greek yogurt, $5.99
  • One Pound Jar of Peanut Butter, $12.59
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By purchasing the larger size, Rachel gets more bang for her buck and pays less per ounce than she would if shopping the smaller size or elsewhere.

Of course, buying in bulk only makes sense for products you know you use up quickly, and it can sometimes cost you money if you default to a large purchase.

She also opts for Costco’s store brand Kirkland yogurt to save extra cash on a name brand.

costco Make Kirkland Signature Brand To bring savings to its customers without sacrificing quality, and Kirkland products tend to be cheaper than most competitors.

Other Ways to Find Savings at Costco

Costco typically won’t stick “sale” signs around the store, but you can still spot the absolute best deals by keeping a watchful eye on the price tag.

In particular, pay attention to the last two digits of the price, as they usually indicate whether the item has been cut in price.

Here’s a handy guide to help you understand what the different prices mean for each item:

  • .99: A non-discounted, full-priced item
  • .97: Marked down, often substantially; You can ask the manager for the original price of the item to calculate your savings
  • .49, .89, .79: On sale because of a deal Costco got from the product manufacturer
  • .00, .88: Last few units of an item before it’s out of stock, huge discount for clearing shelves

If you are a cautious buyer, you may see an asterisk in the upper right corner.

This means that an item has been discontinued and is likely to be at its lowest price as a result.

Meanwhile, a small date in the lower right corner shows the last time the price changed.

Costo recently told The Sun that the pricing sign codes were designed internally to help manage inventory.

Since the procedures changed from time to time, the series declined to comment on its meaning.

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