I’m a budgeting expert – the four items I bought at Kroger under $14 to make dinner for four


When it comes time to go shopping for dinner, groceries can easily add up.

a TIC Toc The influencer shared four items on how to make a delicious meal to feed a family of four, all for less than $14.


Cody O’Connor shares his list for dinner on a budget

TikTok influencer Cody O’Connor shares his grocery savings tips To make a delicious and healthy dinner for four people.

O’Connor, who goes winning team took his nearly 27,000 followers food shopping to Kroger, West Chester, on TikTok, ohio,

The influencer reveals in his bio that he’s a bone cancer survivor who passed away United States of america “Spreading Hope and Positivity.”

in their tiktok VideoHe said he usually budgeted $15 because he was trying to save a lot of money to donate to families fighting pediatrics. cancer,

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Here’s what’s on Cody’s dinner menu:

Pork Tenderloin – $6.99

Cody Pickled Roasted Garlic and Herb Pork Tenderloin.

It’s already seasoned, so it saves you money from buying extra ingredients to marinate the meat.

Frozen Vegetables – $2

Cody said “Get your cereal.”

In this case, a bag of your favorite frozen vegetables will not only save you money but also time when you’re preparing dinner.

Chili – $3.99

He picked up a pack of fresh tricolor chillies.

It brings flavor but also color to your plate of food.

Onion – $0.49

A Sweet Onion only set Cody back 49 cents.

The freshness of onion will add flavor to your dish.

Total for four items = $13.47

Dinner for Four Under $14


Dinner for Four Under $14

Other ways to save money

consumers can go money shopping In Dollar General.

when an item is closed dollar generalIt turns into a money commodity.

She explained that employees have to pull out items but sometimes the products are overlooked and remain on the shelves.

Consumers can use the DG App to find out whether an item is a paisa or not.

Meanwhile, some of your favorite stores like TJ Maxx And target There are certain days when they mark items.

That’s why it’s important to pop on them secret sale day To check out the latest deals.

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