I’m a budgeting pro and I bought dinner at Aldi for my family of five for only $15 with leftovers – see list of items


A budget expert has told how she spent only $15 at Aldi to support her family of five.

TIC Toc Channel, @lunchboxdadhas posted a number of hacks that demonstrate how large families can save money on groceries.


TikTok channel @lunchboxdad showed its followers how to make cheap dinnercredit: tiktok/@lunchboxdad
Cofron recommends including toasted bagels in the diet


Cofron recommends including toasted bagels in the dietcredit: tiktok/@lunchboxdad

Beau Coffron, who runs the TikTok page, records his own Aldi Shopping trip to show what he bought to feed his family of five.

During the video, he showed his followers what he had bought for just $15.

shopping list This included an onion, a pound of ground sausage, a box of pasta and pasta sauce, shredded lettuce, Parmesan cheese, a bag of shredded mozzarella cheese, and a baguette.

The video then gives step-by-step instructions on how the Cook Meal.

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Cofron emphasizes that it also produces food trash For the following days, limiting the need for daily cooking.

Fans who watched the video were astonished that Cofaron only paid $15 for so many items.

“All that for 15 bucks?” One user said. “We just got an Aldi in our town, and it looks like I’m leaving tomorrow.”

Other viewers were excited to see Cofron share a budget hack for large families, which included Healthy Diet,

“Great, it’ll be Saturday dinner. Thanks!” Another user said.

One user said, “Thank you for including a vegetable in this affordable meal.”

The TikTok channel shared other tips on how large families can save money on groceries like walmart, dollar TreeAnd target,

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The TikTok page also includes food art tutorials, such as a . Make Sonic the Hedgehog and angel bread sandwiches.

In form of 4th of July approach, coffern also shared how to make themed foods For the leave.


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