I’m a car expert – how to create a proper emergency kit for your vehicle with five items


Staying safe behind the wheel goes beyond avoiding collisions.

Car Expert Dylan Fiori deployment of One TIC Toc Showing your five ideas for making things extraordinary motor vehicle emergency kit.


TikTok Car Expert Dylan Fioricredit: tiktok/dtfiori

Dylan’s first product recommendation for when your vehicle’s battery runs out is a new lithium-ion jump starter.

This TikTok car expert says the lithium-ion jump starter is safer and more effective than jumper cables.

Recently manufactured lithium-ion jump starters include convenient ancillary features such as a flashlight, a USB charging port, and a 12V outlet.

Dylan notes that you can use the 12V outlet of a lithium-ion jump starter like a car cigarette lighter.

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This TikTok manufacturer’s second vehicle emergency kit recommendation is an electric air pump.

You will use an electric air pump to inflate your tires as needed.

An electric air pump can function through the 12V outlet of your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or your lithium-ion jump start.

Dylan’s third product suggestion for your car’s emergency supply is the Plug Patch Repair Kit.

If you fill your tires just for your viewing tire pressure Fall again, you may have a puncture that requires a plug patch repair kit.

Dylan says Safety Seal makes it their favorite plug patch repair kit and that you’ll need to add your own cutters to the kit to pull the nails.

A TikTok user commented on the video: “Who’s gonna plug the tires on the side of the road, buy a car with spares!”

Another TikTok user replied to the spare tire comment: “Too many people. I’ll have that plugged in before you drop the spare. ,

This Tiktok Car Expert’s 4th and 5th Vehicle Emergency Kit Recommendations are a first aid kit and a large triangle reflector.

Dylan told his audience that triangle reflectors usually come in packs of two and are far safer than flares.

triangle reflector


triangle reflectorcredit: tiktok/dtfiori


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