I’m a car firm boss – vehicle subscription service could save you time and hundreds in monthly auto costs


CAR subscription companies are steadily gaining traction by defining how American drivers can save time and money searching for a vehicle.

Michael Beauchamp, Founder and CEO Vehicle subscription service Godescribes its company as: “Demand filler, not demand creator.”


Picture of Go’s mobile user interfacecredit: goCarSubscription/Instagram

GO currently serves eight markets in seven states and covers the entire automotive value chain excluding manufacturing and maintenance.

Beauchamp created GO out of its desire to create solutions for the lack of innovation in the car buying process.

Beauchamp’s answer to the painstaking and depressing feelings that traditional car-shopping presents is GO’s website which makes the vehicle more automatic than a manual.

In getting a car through GO you include:

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  • input your zip code
  • Check your market availability
  • Car browsing based on your driving needs and preferences
  • Submitting a soft credit check and your driving record

Beauchamp notes that some of the other smaller checks come with GO’s credit and driving verification and that the credit check won’t negatively affect your score.

GO takes the non-invasive information you submit and presents the price of a vehicle which is inclusive of tax. Most GO customers will not be required to submit a fully refundable security deposit.

Beauchamp mentions that if the specific vehicle you want to drive isn’t available within 60 days, you can get on a waiting list.

Hybrid and . As with vehicle classes, GO’s inventory continues to expand. EVs (electric vehicles) ready for use with gas-powered cars.

GO’s number one most requested vehicle Toyota’s RAV4 Hybrid SUV.

Asked about his company’s plans to integrate EVs into its inventory, Beauchamp said: “Teslas released a small pilot, and they went very quickly.”

This CEO says his company’s prices can save you 20-46% per month on your auto costs, depending on your local market.

A portion of GO’s 20-46% monthly vehicle savings comes from its customers, who do not have to make a down payment to subscribe.

GO delivers the customer’s car if the customer lives within 50 miles of the given market place.

Jio working to expand its electric fleet as EV (electric vehicle) manufacturing grows


Jio working to expand its electric fleet as EV (electric vehicle) manufacturing growscredit: goCarSubscription/Instagram

Beauchamp said a GO user will have a customer experience team available for support during any stage of their application process.

Beauchamp said GO’s customer base is “extremely broad,” with users aged between 25 and 83.

The GO CEO says most of his company’s exposure currently comes through organic online searches.

Beauchamp said he sees inevitable auto inventory returns as a benefit to GO customers rather than a hindrance.

As more inventory becomes available, GO can expand its market offerings.


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