I’m a chef – my steak purchase at Costco saved me more than $140, here’s what to ask for


As inflation drives up prices at the grocery store, Americans are looking for more ways to save on food.

According to statistics from the U.S., the average American household spends more than $600 on groceries each month. US Bureau of Labor Statisticsand prices are up 10% From this time last year.


TikToker @rightwaybbq shows how he saved money by buying stakes in bulk

On TikTok, a chef shared a strategy he used to save $140 on beef in one purchase.

Account Runner Shaun Smith @RightWayBBQis a barbecue chef who regularly posts videos containing tips and advice on his cooking as well.

one in recent videoSean said he bought an early New York steak as a way to save money.

The initial cut is eight portions. Cows are split for beef, including ribs and loin.

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Shawn said Costco, as well as many independent grocery stores, offer early cuts to shoppers looking for beef in bulk.

“The small IGA grocery store that I work with a couple of times a year attracts customers and drives big sales to sell these primals,” Sean told The Sun.

Sean said he paid $76 for an initial deduction that got him more than $200 worth of steak.

Depending on the type of cut, preliminary steaks can be between five and 12 pounds.

And initial deductibles typically cost less per pound than smaller portions, although they certainly cost more.

For non-Costco members, your best bet is to check with an independent grocer or butcher in your area and ask for an initial deduction.

Shawn also advised that some butchers are willing to negotiate the cost of subprime deductions, smaller subdivisions that still provide pound-per-pound savings.

The savings can be significant if you have freezer space to store beef that you haven’t used yet.

You should do your best to store your meat in an air-tight wrapping to ensure that it stays good for as long as possible.

US Department of Agriculture recommended Cook the steak within four to 12 months of freezing it.

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