I’m a chef – my two Aldi budget dairy items you must buy under $4


There are two cheap dairy products you can consider buying at Aldi.

Chef and self-proclaimed “guy with a grocery story” Bobby Parrish is a grocer shopping expert who educate others about healthy eating.


Bobby Parish at Aldi. shared its cheap dairy products found incredit: Bobby Parisho

Bobby, who walks snuggly TIC TocIt has a mission to encourage consumers to not only eat better – but to do so. do with saving money perspective too.

most of his videos Show it to the grocery stores where to find it best deals On healthy snack brands.

one in recent video On TikTok, he shared his two dairy products AldiBoth of which can be bought for less than $4.


The first dairy product is eggs.

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Bobby reveals that the grocery chain does, in the end, sell pastured eggs.

The chef claims this is huge news because the pasture is the best you can find.

These come from birds that live only outside and consume insects, worms and grass.

Additionally, the yolk is orange instead of the traditional yellow.

Meanwhile, he classified cage-free and free-range eggs as a “marketing gimmick.”

These come from chickens that live in warehouses with 30,000 to 40,000 other chickens that never go out.

Although those eggs are generally cheaper, spend the extra 50 cents and buy pasture, Bobby said.

While prices can vary by location and store, they found about a dozen for $3.99.

While cage-free eggs are cheaper, Bobby suggests buying pasture eggs instead.


While cage-free eggs are cheaper, Bobby suggests buying pasture eggs instead.

Irish Butter

Next is butter.

Bobby told that Aldi used to carry Carigold Butter but he has stopped doing so.

But he said there is a rumor that Aldi is using the brand for its own version called Pure Irish Butter.

Aldi’s brand is 80% grass-fed and much cheaper than KerryGold.

Aldi Starts Selling Its Butter Similar to Kerrygold But Cheaper


Aldi Starts Selling Its Butter Similar to Kerrygold But Cheapercredit: Bobby Parisho

He scored this item at his local Aldi for $3.45.

Other Aldi Tips

Aldi’s Weekly Good deals on meat,

Many Aldi lovers and employees say this deal Usually happens on Wednesdays.

It’s said under “purchase fresh meat specials” deals that shoppers have made items including pork chops for less than $3 per pound.

Like other retailers, Aldi provides buyers with custom-branded Products that are generally cheaper than other name-brand items.

In fact, most of its products are store-branded.

Store-branded products are not only cheaper, but many shoppers say the quality in taste is as good or better as that of major name brands.

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