I’m a Costco expert – the two best and healthy finds this week, including 50-cent organic ice cream bars


COSTCO isn’t just a great store for savings – but you can also find great quality healthy products.

Wholesaler The retailer is famous for the products it sells in bulk, which can save A ton of money to families over time.


The products are cheap as well as healthy
Fudge bars have only eight grams of sugar.


Fudge bars have only eight grams of sugar.

to shop at costcoyou must have one MembershipWhich costs $60 or $120 depending on the plan.

But for those who want to save money and eat healthier, Bobby Parrish has you covered.

He is a chef and grocer with 1.1 million followers instagram,

recently VideoBobby found a few products during a shopping run at Costco that you might want to consider trying.

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Here are the products and what they had to say about them.

1. Whips Cheese Crisps

Lactose intolerant people are lucky with this first product.

The 9.5-ounce bag contains only one ingredient: Parmesan cheese, which contains no lactose or sugar.

It is free from gluten as well as genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and is suitable for diabetic individuals.

Item price is $6.29 per pack, but be aware that prices may vary by store location.

According to Bobby, Cheese Crisps is 50% cheaper than other grocery stores.

2. Healthy Choice Organic Fudge Bars

Healthy Choice certainly lives up to its name—and it’s no different with the Fudge Bar snack either.

Contains non-GMO skim milk, no processed oils, and vanilla extract.

But what sets it apart, according to Bobby, is its low sugar content.

“Eight grams of sugar for a bar isn’t bad,” said the food expert.

“Most ice cream will have 15 or 30 grams, so that’s totally acceptable.”

In all, an 18-pack of healthy ice cream was listed in the store for $8.49.

This equates to about 47 cents per bar.

a product to avoid

Meanwhile, it was not necessary to buy every product in the store.

Bobby recommends avoiding donut shop Keurig cups, while the 100-count sold for $34.99, down from its original price of $41.99.

These are K-cups, these are poisonous,” Bobby said.

“Do you want 210 degrees of water to pass through the aluminum cap, through the plastic body in your cup?”

Instead, he recommends buying San Francisco Bay French Roast Coffee.

He said the pods under that brand are eco-friendly and made of paper.

Additionally, the non-sale price of $32.99 was cheaper than the Donut Shop brand.

Finally he said: “Goodbye donut, hello San Fran.”

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