I’m a Costco superfan – six products that are must-buys and my secret how to save up to $50 on gift cards


COSTCO can be a great store for anyone to shop for – and a superfan is enjoying it by taking advantage of the quality of its products in addition to savings.

She turns to Jessica, who is recommending products to buy at the store that include costco for most of his life.


The Quebec, Canada-based shopper also creates makeup and skin care related videos.

But a 33-year-old man living in Quebec, Canadahas now taken it a step further with its reach on TikTok, which it started in March 2020.

It was Jessica’s way of warding off boredom during the quarantine by entertaining a virtual audience.

It’s important to note that Jessica’s content extends beyond grocery products and Costco, as she also creates makeup and skincare-related videos.

and when she posts ways to save money From time to time, she focuses more on the quality of the products.

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“I really try not to market myself to one that isn’t necessarily just beauty or necessarily just skincare,” Jessica told The Sun.

“I have dollarma stuff that also goes very viral, [and] Amazon stuff. ,

For those who don’t know, Dollarama is widely considered to be the Dollar Tree of Canada.

There are over 460 locations in the country.

Already following Jessica TIC Toc exceeded 230,000.

and his instagram Aadhaar has exceeded 20,000.

Products to Buy at Costco

For fellow Costco shoppers, she has a full list of products she recommended buying.

But keep in mind, in-store purchases are for members only.

It costs $120 or $60 per year, depending on the membership level you want.

Additionally, Jessica has provided some commentary on the products she recommends buying, which are as follows:

  • Cerave Moisturizing Cream: My go-to moisturizer for face and body!
  • Kirkland Chocolate Covered Almonds: Most Delicious Chocolate Almonds Ever
  • Olivia Butterfly Shrimp: easy to make and incredibly tasty
  • Bath Bedsheets Drape De Bain: They don’t always have these but when they do I grab one they are so big and comfortable
  • Skinny Pop: Great when you’re in the mood for something salty!
  • Lean Turkey Pepperoni: Really good grab-and-go snack.

Products to Avoid at Costco

Not every product at Costco is going to satisfy everyone.

In particular, Jessica recommends avoiding the Andrea-branded Mediterranean medley at the store.

These products come in containers filled with antipasto items, including olives, cheese, and peppers.

Another product Jessica didn’t like from Costco was Bacon Wrapped Scallops.

Jessica said she was disappointed with the taste.

Sun has also recently revealed Items to buy and avoid at Costco.

The following are things that stay tucked away in the warehouse as well:

  • Toilet paper
  • over-the-counter medications
  • fruits and vegetables
  • cooking oil

Some of these products lack the quality of taste, while others just aren’t worth the money.

A Costco Gift Card Saving Secret

Additionally, there’s a Costco gift card secret you need to check that could save you money that Jessica touted.

“For gift cards to be sold at Costco, they have to offer some sort of deal to the customer,” Jessica said.

Actually, Buying Gift Cards at a Costco Can save You up to $50.

recently VideoJessica showed that there were two $50 Jack Astor gift cards listed at the store for only $79.99 in total.

In addition to in-store, gift cards can be purchased online at Costco.

To shop online, you can go to the wholesaler gift cards and tickets section.

You will need a membership and an account to be eligible for Gift Card Savings.

Currently, Costco has a $500 e-gift card at Southwest Airlines listed for just $449.99.

You can also buy five $20 e-gift cards at Peet’s Coffee for $79.99.

More tips for saving money

While Jessica’s main focus isn’t saving money, she has a few more tips for shoppers looking to take that perspective.

Most importantly, Jessica said it’s important to do your research and price comparisons to compare with other retailers.

Jessica used an example of buying an onion chopper heroine for $25 when she could only buy one at Dollarama for $3 or $4.

“Know what’s out there and know what price you’re looking for,” Jessica said.

At Costco, specifically, Jessica said you may be able to get great deals by buying products in bulk.

“I think it’s Crest toothpaste, they have five or six bottles, [which] You can get $12 or something like that,” Jessica said.

“While a bottle is like $6.99 — and it’s quite small,” she said.

Plus, Jessica recommends checking the liquidation section at your local store to find deals.

For example, Jessica’s local grocery store has large portions filled with makeup and household items.

“Often, they will put their seasonal products in their liquidation section,” Jessica said.

“So [buy] Summer items in the fall for next summer.”

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