I’m a deals expert – you must book your flight an exact number of days before travel and it differs by season


A consumer expert has revealed how to save money by booking your flight just a few days before the trip.

Matt Granite, also known as The Deal Guy, revealed the formula in a recent video: flight hacks


Booking your trip a few days in advance and planning ahead can help you get the cheapest flightscredit: getty
Matt Granite, better known as The Deal Guy, shared the insight on his popular YouTube channel


Matt Granite, better known as The Deal Guy, shared the insight on his popular YouTube channelcredit: YouTube/The Deal Guy

Granite advises that winter travel should be booked in advance – at least 110 days in advance of travel, especially if the dates include Christmas or New Years.

in that VideoHe says fall is the second busiest season with families traveling for Thanksgiving, so you’ll need to book 77 days in advance.

Granite suggests purchasing tickets for travel 76 days in advance when traveling in the spring, taking longer if the trip is to a popular spring break destination.

If you are a last minute planner, then the best option is to go in summer as you only need to book 42 days in advance to get good deals.

For traveling internationally, Granite says the best option is to book a flight eight to 10 months in advance.

Granite argues that sticking to this formula is one of the best ways to guarantee the best travel deals.

Deal Guy also suggests using the Hopper app to book a comparison of the cheapest days of the week.

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New data from the Hopper app shows that the most expensive flights due to business travel are between 8-10 am and 5-7 pm.

Granite also encourages using tools like Google Flights and Incognito Browser to compare airlines.


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