I’m a Dollar General superfan – I explain a MAJOR coupon change and why you may no longer see the $5 off $25


You might no longer be able to get the fixed 20% coupon discount at Dollar General.

A superfan with over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube posted a detailed video about the changes Coupons being offered at a discount retail seller,


A Superfan Explains How to Check Your Coupon Deals at Dollar Generalcredit: YouTube/Coupon Club

Is known Coupon Clubcontent creator said in that Video warned that she would not post any of the $5 breakdowns, at least temporarily dollar general Shoppers should carefully check the coupons they receive from the store.

She said that after her last few posts, “a lot of people are commenting that they haven’t got the $5 off $25, the $5 off $35, or the $10 off the $50 coupon.”

However, it urged buyers to check their dollar general accounts.

The YouTuber claimed that since he last posted a video “all those coupons have been removed from my account and then added back to my account.”

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“When they were added back to my account, I got different coupons than before,” she said.

The Coupon Club says that the terminology associated with discount coupons has also “changed.”

dollar general coupon change

To see it yourself, access your account and go to Wallet tab is located on the floor.

Once there, at the top she asked to see “My” deal“Section, when added there will be a line marked “Just for You.”

She shared that there will be a “zero” in the field, making you think you can’t have a reward coupon, but she said click the plus button on the right.

You may see one or two “Just for You” awards available.

If you do, click the “Explore All” button.

This will reveal the coupons in your account.

He claimed that most of the $5 of the $25 coupons he took were removed and replaced with $3 from the $15 coupons instead.

The superfan stated that the $3 out of $15 coupons differ from some others, including a $25 off $5 or $35 because they can be used any day of the week, while larger amounts can only be used on Saturdays .

The Coupon Club also reports that the language has changed from a $35 coupon to a $5 one.

She read this from her current coupon, which said: “Cashier must present coupons $35 dollars or more (pretax) after all discounts have been applied. Limit one per person. This coupon will be replaced by any other Dollar Store coupons.” cannot be combined with.”

She said this is a red flag because it differs from the past when other coupons may be added in some cases.

He urged the buyers to be careful while applying any coupon.

YouTube comments were positive for the most part.

One read: “Girl, you’re a lifesaver. Thank you so much for letting us know…”

Another chimed in, “I’m pretty new to all this but have already amassed a small stockpile and saved so much money.”

“My husband and I have 10 kids and couponing has helped our family of 12 a lot!! Thank you for all that you shared with us!”

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