I’m a Dollar Tree superfan – I filled my pantry with 16 essential items for just $20.25


A DOLLAR Tree fan has filled her pantry with 16 essentials for just $20.25.

The store is known for having a wide collection of items at an affordable price.


A Dollar Tree fan made his pantry just $20.25 . filled with 16 essentialscredit: Education Images/Universal Image
Reddit user shared Tote and started a conversation about the best products to get at discount stores


Reddit user shared Tote and started a conversation about the best products to get at discount storescredit: reddit

dollar Tree It has over 15,500 stores in the US and Canada.

You can find the one closest to you by checking it out Store Locator Tool,

A superfan recently took to Reddit to show off her pantry essentials for over $20.

The post by r/povertyfinance had a picture showing a table full of groceries.

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User Cheekers1989 spent pocket change and collected Spanish rice, dried black beans, pinto beans and lentils.

redditor Safety pasta, tomato sauce, toilet paper, and also a variety of condiments.

He explained further down in this thread that these were “bulk items” to be used now or in the next few months.

“I still spend about $30 a week on groceries, but it targets vegetables and fruits and any discount proteins I can keep in the freezer for later.”

Users in the thread congratulated him on the haul and discussed his go-to item that he could get huge discounts on.

“My local Dollar Tree sometimes has eggs too so I shop there often!” Somebody commented.

“I check pricing per ounce and buy whatever I can before I go to the supermarket,” he continued.

“Like you, I love sauce and seasoning packets for quick convenient meals.”

Another wrote, “I go to Dollar Tree a couple of times a month. You can find some amazing deals there.”

“Two weeks ago I had Annie’s organic foods, Yes To face mask, tea tree oil, Stacy’s pita chips,” and the list went on.

This Is What Comes When Dollar Tree Employees Are Giving Customers The Inside Scoop some products to avoid When shopping at discount stores.

The activist known as Brenda said that shoppers Don’t buy frozen seafood or meat as some items can be hit or miss.

She said the store’s cinnamon bites are “amazing” and admitted that dollar Tree Customers prefer frozen fruits and vegetables, according to mental Floss.

But, she cautioned: “I don’t eat frozen fish or ribeye because I don’t trust frozen seafood or meat that costs a dollar.”

The activist recommended that shoppers go to their local stores to buy frozen fish and meat.

Nate, a store manager Massachusettsclaims that he has heard reports that steak does not cook well and has been compared to rubber.

A dollar steak was pitted against $12 per pound ribeye and a supermarket $9 per pound ribeye as part of a taste test conducted in the U.S. Kentucky In 2016, WCPO informed of.

One firefighter who tasted three samples of the meat described the one-dollar steak: “I think it was meat.”

Another commented: “It’s not terrible.”

Meanwhile, other firefighters described the piece of meat as “okay”, “chewy” and “too rubbery”.

customers can try series of hacks to save cash While shopping at Dollar Tree.

The store allows shoppers to use printable Internet manufacturer coupons.

Customers should also shop in bulk when visiting discount stores.

And, you can use discount apps like Ibotta that allows you to get cash back every time you shop online, in-store, or from your phone.

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another way to save Cash-back is by credit card payment.

Surya has also shared a series of employee secrets from retailers like costco And trader Joe’s.


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