I’m a gardening expert – here’s how growing your own herbs can help you cut your energy bill


As the domestic bill rockets, more and more Britons are resorting to cost-cutting measures.

announced by the chancellor Every UK household will get a £400 energy bill waiver To help with the cost of living crisis.


Jekka McVeer recommends using herbs to flavor food—cooking them all in one pot to save energy.credit: Alamy

But as the bills get set An eye-watering rocket £1,971 . From £2,800 per year – For many people the extra help will not be enough.

One horticulturist recommends the use of herbicides to ease financial pressure – taking inspiration from wartime grandparents.

Jecca McVicar, designer and vice president of the Royal Horticultural Society, recalls how her gran wrote cookbooks in the 1940s and ’50s that taught people how to cook delicious food with rations.

He said Wire: “If we go back to cooking food in one pot to save electricity, and heating and everything else, herbs will come into their own even more.

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“If you add some bay leaf, and some rosemary, and some thyme to stewed veggies or stewed meats, it makes everything tastier, it makes it more digestible.

“Today’s society expects a huge range of food on tap, and I think we need to re-educate our palate and our cooking skills to deal with less variety.”

Gardener William Murray said: “If you have a small space you can certainly grow some herbs, and then you’re not spending money on them and also not buying things in plastic.”

Rishi Sunak’s rebate of the £400 bill will be given to families from October and payments will be made in installments over six consecutive months.

This a. will replace the existing plans for £200 energy discountFamilies who were told they would have to pay back in five years.

Under the original plans, the rebate was to be distributed to households in October, with the automatic repayment in £40 installments from people’s bills from April the following year.

Now every home will get a £400 grant that you won’t have to pay back through high energy bills in later years.

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