I’m a home expert -the AC product for less than $20 that will reduce your electric bill


Summer has arrived and so are the costs of electricity as well as temperatures, but a product can help reduce your utility bill without sacrificing comfort.

trying to cool your house A lot of money can be spent during the scorching summer.


Using magnets to lock out air gusts in rooms you’re not using will better cool the rooms you usecredit: tiktok/@maxfisherrealestate

During the summer, the cost of the cooling system can add up to more than half of your total utility bill,

Depending on how many cooling units you have and how big they are, the cost can be even higher.

Replacing an older unit that uses more energy isn’t always an option, but is a money-saving solution that costs less than $20.

magnet hack

Max Fisher posted a lot of money saving tips on his TikTok, Maxfisher Real Estate,

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He shared his and his family’s easy way Keep their room cool without cranking the AC,

Max uses register covers, which are long magnets that go over the air vents, to redirect the cold air into the room it wants to cool.

Before you go to bed, put a cover on any vents in rooms that are empty for the night.

Fisher says he keeps them in the living room, dining room, and spare bedroom.

This pushes all the air into a room, cooling it rapidly without lowering the temperature on the AC.

Are fans a cheaper option?

Keeping the fans on for a long time can increase your energy bill,

calculate how much is your fan costing youYou need to know its wattage.

Find the total output needed to convert that wattage to kilowatt-hours, and then divide kilowatt-hours by 1,000 to find how much output is used in each hour.

Then, multiply that number by the number of hours you used the fan.

Now that you know your kilowatt output, you need to multiply it by the amount you pay for one kilowatt of electricity.

Then, to find the total cost, the equation is:

Cost = Power (kw) × Time (hour) × Cost of 1 kWh (cents)

The average American family pays approx. 12 cents per kWh,

Running a ceiling fan in a room every night costs about $29 a year.

Multiply this by the number of fans running overnight to see if it’s economical for you to use them.

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To continue lowering your utility bill, see if you have any Energy harvesting devices in your home,

Also here is Best time to take a shower to save money on water and electricity bills,


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