I’m a home insurance expert – Brits MUST follow my advice to settle rows with neighbours and avoid a costly mistake


An insurance expert has urged homeowners to follow their advice if they are rowing with neighbors.

Before seeking legal advice about border disputes, Brits should first talk to the next door because it could be CostlyPros warn.


11 million Britons told Churchill Home Insurance they were involved in border disputes with neighborscredit: getty

Sarah Khan, head of Churchill Home Insurance, said: “Unfortunately, many people fall over borders with their neighbor, whether it is trespassing due to trees, fences or extensions.

“We would always advise that people try to talk to their neighbors to find solutions to these problems, which will save time, Penniesand relationships.”

One solution is coming up with rowing neighbors with a ‘border agreement’ between the two sides.

The document records the limit and who is responsible for maintaining it – but it costs £90 each.

But, only 40 percent of 206 boundary applications made between 2019 and 2021 were approved due to lack of evidence supporting the boundary claims.

In all, Brits have wasted around £7,500 on unsuccessful applications over the past three years.

More than 3 million Britons have sought advice from chartered surveyors – while 1 in 11 of those involved in disputes have taken them to court.

An equal number of cases are currently pending in the legal system.

Overall, 11 million people said they were involved in border disputes with neighbours.

But the space that Britons argue is only two percent of the average garden, found a study by Churchill Home Insurance.

The most argued boundary issues are due to the placement of a fence, wall, or hedge (31 percent), a plant or tree (14 percent), or access issues (13 percent).

The government advises Britons who are looking for help in resolving disagreements over borders to use the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors helpline scheme.

Some of the most common causes of disputes were the placement of fences, fences and trees.


Some of the most common causes of disputes were the placement of fences, fences and trees.credit: getty

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