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Thinking about splurging on a hot tub this summer? You might be sweating at how much it’s adding to your energy bills, said one energy expert.

with hot weather Around the corner, shops are stocking up on hot tubs—and some are Decrease in prices to capitalize on demand.


Here’s why your hot tub could cost you up to £900 extra on your energy bills

Hot tub sales jumped 1,000% during the pandemic, according to eBay data — and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.

But homes might not know that a heat-consuming appliance can be cost you hundreds of pounds To run, said Loop head of data science, Steve Buckley.

He said that “bargain hot tubs can look tempting”, it can be Cost much more than you expected.

Choosing a cheaper model that lacks good quality insulation can cost a whopping £900 to run over three months of summer.

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To avoid “summer energy bill shock,” Mr. Buckley reveals his top tips for reducing running costs to The Sun.

beware of cheap tubs

If you’re on a budget but still desperate to take the plunge, you may be tempted to go for a cheaper model.

You can buy hot tubs for anywhere from £300 to £400, but these “bargain” tubs may not actually be as good value for money as you think, said Mr. Buckley.

“Cheap hot tubs may seem like a good deal, but due to poor insulation, they can easily cost five times more than the more energy efficient model amount to run,” he said.

More energy-efficient hot tubs are usually more expensive because they’re outfitted with more insulation—meaning you’ll use less energy to heat it.

They cost £60 a month to run – which means it would cost a whopping £300 to run a month for the disabled.

forget a cover

When you’ve finished soaking, it can be easy to forget to put the cover back on your hot tub.

But that means up to 60% of the heat will be lost – meaning you’ll be using more energy than you need to when reheating the tub.

“Cover the hot tub with a good quality thermal cover at least 10cm thick when not in use to keep the heat inside,” Buckley said.

“Make sure it has a good seal around the edge—any leak will let that precious heat out.”

put it in the wrong place

You probably didn’t know that misplacing your hot tub in your garden can lead to Raise your bills too.

If you’re placing it in a well-ventilated area—for example, in the middle of the lawn and not by a fence—you can drive up the cost.

“Keeping it away from the wind and wind will cool the water, helping to maintain the water temperature,” said Mr. Buckley.

monitor your bills

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Families who don’t monitor their energy use will have no idea how much Hot tubs are costing them Until his bill comes, said Mr. Buckley.

So taking regular meter readings, or looking at your smart meter, will help you track whether you can really afford to run your meter.

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