I’m a laundry expert – changing setting on your washing machine could save you $150 a year


If you’re tired of endless days of laundry that’s costing you hundreds of dollars on products and energy bills, this is the laundry hack for you.

doing Laundry Can be very expensive, especially if you have a lot of young kids running around.


You Can Save Hundreds of Energy Bills by Hacking the Laundry Roomcredit: getty
Save money by using the right products, they belong right in your laundry room


Save money by using the right products, they belong right in your laundry roomcredit: Getty – Contributor

Tide lead scientist Jennifer Ahoni talks life lover To help others save money in the laundry room.

And she says that one of the easiest ways save money on laundry Wash heavy loads with cold water.

This is because heating water consumes a lot of energy.

“Changing your wash water temperature from hot or hot to cold also means you can save up to $150 a year on your energy bill,” Ahoni said.

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Hot water does not mean clean clothes. It’s all based on the detergent you use.

The only instance where you should use hot water is if you are using cloth diapers or if someone in your household is sick.

Another pro tip is using concentrated detergents that contain more cleaning ingredients and require less water with each dose.

This means more washing power and less laundry.

Remember to use the right amount of detergent.

If you use too much it can ruin your clothes and you will end up with it faster. Both mean spending more money at the store.

Take a few extra seconds to check the amount of dose you should use on the label of the bottle or cap.

If you have the money, upgrade your washing machine. Although it may cost a lot, it will save a ton of money on energy bills.

According to Ahoni, a high-efficiency washing machine typically uses 20-60% less water than conventional machines.

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These types of washers can typically hold up to 40% more load, which means you save on the amount of load you need to handle.

Use these hacks and your laundry will be fresher and cheaper than ever.


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