I’m a mom and my side hustle brings in $160k in a year – here’s how I built it alongside my job


A MOM-OF-TWO has revealed that he made $160,000 a year on his behalf.

Rachel Jimenez, of Southern californialaunched her Etsy store in 2019, when she was working full-time.


Mom-of-two Rachel Jimenez Makes $160,000 a Year by Her Sidecredit: facebook

Jimenez’s venture includes selling printable and digital planners online, CNBC Report.

In 2021, the 34-year-old earned around $160,000 and in June of the same year, he decided to quit his job.

Jimenez founded the store after taking a business course that focused on selling printables online on maternity leave.

Her second child was born in 2020 and she used her maternity leave to hone her business skills.

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She told CNBC: “When you’re breastfeeding or something like that, you can watch a video.

“I’ll try to fill in small bits of time throughout my day just to absorb the information.”

Jimenez admitted that trying to juggle his side hustle with his full-time job was “challenging,” but said he found time in his lunch break to work on it.

She said: “I’ll spend 30 minutes eating, hanging out with [my coworkers]And then another 30 minutes working my Etsy store.”

In the meantime, we revealed how mom Christian Sanya earns up to $2,000 A week of laundry.

He said NBC Washington that she joined Sudshare – a laundry service that has been compared to Uber,

The service is designed to take the burden off people who hate doing laundry, don’t have access to a washing machine, or can’t find the time to go to the launderette.

Sanya said she is one of the highest earners and earns between $1,000 and $2,000 a week, but admitted that she can sometimes earn extra cash while distributing sweets.

She said: “All of my deliveries go with the crumbled cookie and my customers love it.

“So that’s my thing. I’m Crumble Cookie Girl.”

Sanya also revealed that her side hustle has given her “financial freedom” and the opportunity to spend more time with her daughter.

TikTok is selling Amanda Smeltzer furniture to help pay off her student loans,

She repairs furniture from garage sales and thrift shops and sells it for a profit.

He bought a dresser for just $28, and after replacing it, sold it for $280.

And, the self-made billionaire alexander wangwho co-founded the tech company Scale in 2016, Revealed that he had initially told his parents that he would go back to school after starting the business.

Wang launched the start-up at the age of 19 during his freshman year Massachusetts Institute of Technology with coding expert Lucy Guo.

Entrepreneur told Forbes: “I told my parents that this would be what I did for the summer.

“Obviously, I never went to school.”

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The scale was valued at $7.3 billion last April, and Wang’s 15 percent stake in the company was valued at about $1 billion.

The company produces data for AI applications such as self-driving cars and robotics, and experts work with the US Air Force, the military, Samsung and Toyota.


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