I’m a money expert – here’s how to find a livable bus or van with a starting bid of $1


Some people want to experience the van or bus life on the road – but aren’t sure where to start.

TIC Toc money specialist scar Posted a video showing how to find livable vehicles to renovate at an exceptional cost.


The US government sells decommissioned vehicles such as buses and vans at huge discountscredit: tiktok

Mark says the US government is giving up his old vans, school buses and mail trucks from the early 2000s in favor of more recently manufactured hybrid and electric vehicles.

You Can Get U.S. Government Retired vehicles for sale on government deals,

GovDeals allows you to filter your search results by:

  • vehicle type
  • place
  • auction closing time
  • bid amount
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Filter your GovDeal search results by current bids, and you’ll find tons of livable vehicles for a starting bid of $1.

TikTok user @linnea.and.akela bought a 2016 Ram ProMaster van and has shown How he turned the vehicle into his full-time home.

Linea’s van refurbishment included the following:

  • wash thoroughly
  • cutting holes in vans for windows and wings
  • insulation
  • prewiring for electricity
  • Peel and Stick Floor Installation
  • bed frame installation

tiktok user jordan neves uploaded A video comparing your bus life with that of your other friend van life,

Jordan’s video shows that Bus Life gives you more room to operate with features like a full kitchen remaining within arm’s reach.

Jordan deployment of A separate Tiktok where he gives his viewers an insider look at the way his Bus Life cooking works.

The muffin baking clip shows Jordan’s bus with a full oven, ample counter space for prep, and plenty of seating for enjoying the meal.

GovDeals website where you can find discounted vehicles for a lifetime on the road


GovDeals website where you can find discounted vehicles for a lifetime on the roadcredit: tiktok


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