I’m a nurse – there’s a secret about diapers and other products we leave for newborns and it will save you cash


It’s certainly no secret that it costs a lot to bring a newborn into the world.

but a nurse who goes @mikiraiofficial One such way has come to the fore on Tiktok by which you can save money from the hospital.


This nurse wants parents to take left over newborn baby products (TikTok)

According to her, it’s actually not illegal to take products and diapers out of the hospital room after giving birth—and it could save you some serious cash.

Mickey is a registered nurse who recently responded to a video of her partner “stealing” diapers from a new father’s hospital room after the birth.

in the videoMickey initially asks: “You know it’s illegal, right?”

However, she quickly explains that she’s only joking, noting: “We’re going to have to throw everything away after you’re gone, so you can even take it home.”

Mickey essentially reveals that it is certainly not illegal to take home diapers and other products from the hospital.

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In fact, most nurses like Mickey encourage parents to take these products home, given some comments on the viral TikTok.

“My nurse told me my insurance paid for it and I should take it all,” said one onlooker.

Another new parent explained, “When we brought our twins home, the nurses did it all for us! We were so grateful!”

Other nurses would also take to Mickey’s post to support her, with one of her comments echoing: “I will intentionally overstock stuff before the holiday so families have extra to pick up. Diapers are expensive.”

Mickey’s post resonated so much with fellow nurses and newborn parents that the video has now garnered over 1.5 million views and nearly 3,000 comments.

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With the prices of diapers and other newborn products on the rise today, it’s certainly good to know that new parents can take one home right away.

It also helps to know that you won’t be arrested if you do. Many parents are sure to thank @mikiraiofficial.


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