I’m a savings expert – I ask for a slight change on a Wendy’s favorite and it saves me $2 on my order


A thrift expert shares an ordering hack for Wendy’s that saves you $2 on a popular menu item.

fast food hack A great way to save money at restaurants – while getting an extra patty.


A Youtuber Describing a Hack to Get $2 Off a Wendy’s Burgercredit: getty
He Compares the Price of Two Burgers Explaining How to Cheaply Make Your Own Dave Single


He Compares the Price of Two Burgers Explaining How to Cheaply Make Your Own Dave Singlecredit: YouTube/The Deal Guy

Wendy Known for his Burgers the Daves Single. While the burger usually retails for $5.19, on Deal Guy youtube Taught your customers how to save money on delicious menu items.

Instead of ordering a burger, the manufacturer suggests ordering a double stack. Wendy And add tomatoes and lettuce.

This command will allow you to make your own Dave’s Single for $3.09, which is $2 less than the original sandwich.

Customers who follow this ordering hack will also get an extra patty because the double stack comes with two.

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YouTube creator compares the two Burger side by side Video,

He partially rebuilt both burgers to show the audience that they are almost identical, with the bun on Dave’s single being only slightly larger.

Good to hear commenters about the hack.

“Awesome hacks. Thanks,” said one customer.

Another content creator shared how Wendy’s Chili Apparently made.

The chili is made from overcooked burgers, the manufacturer said.

Wendy’s recently got some backlash from fans after she pulled down a popular deal for the menu.

4 for $4, The one that gave customers the option to choose from four burgers, fries and a $4 drink was taken down.

The deal no longer allows customers to choose which burger they want.

The fast-food chain didn’t initially announce the menu changes, which angered some customers.

At the same time as the main menu changes, Wendy’s Brings Back a Fan-Favorite Deal – The $5 Biggie Bag,


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