I’m a savings expert – there’s an exact time to shop at Home Depot if you want 50% off deals


If you want to save 50 percent on your next trip to Home Depot, make sure you shop at this exact time, according to a thrift expert.

Matt Granite aka The Deal Guy on YouTube, have shared This Home Depot Secret to Help You save at checkout,


The Deal Guy on YouTube shares a shopping tip that’ll save you 50% off at Home Depot, along with other great savings hackscredit: YouTube/The Deal Guy
Home Depot will sell damaged bags and pallets for half on Sunday mornings


Home Depot will sell damaged bags and pallets in half on Sunday morningscredit: YouTube/The Deal Guy

Granite advises its viewers to “know the power of Sunday.”

They say Sunday morning is the best time Buyers to Visit Home Depot,

Although there will be a lot of foot traffic, the deals will be well worth the chaos of shopping.

On Sunday mornings, Home Depot will usually sell damaged bags and pallets outside the garden department for 50 percent off the original price.

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Granite claims this is a regular occurrence at Home Depot.

He also mentioned that Home Depot has a great return policy that gives customers up to a year to return specific plants if they don’t perform well.

“There is sometimes a gold mine outside the center of the garden on Sunday mornings,” Granit said.

Deal Guy Has Another Home Depot shopping tips Plus, so that you can make the most of your shopping experience.

If you’re looking for other items to go on sale, just look at the price tag.

At Home Depot, when a price tag ends in .06 or 0.06, it means there will be six weeks until the next time the price drops.

There’s a date on the price tag that will help indicate what week you’re on sale.

If the price tag ends in .03, the product will be discontinued after three weeks, which is the best deal Home Depot has to offer.

He also mentioned another tip for Home Depot shoppers you might want to know.

According to Home Depot policy, customers can get some money back on a product they bought if the price drops.

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If you make a purchase and the price decreases within a 30-day period after your purchase, you may receive a retrospective price adjustment.

If you made your purchase online, it’s as simple as contacting online customer service and they’ll adjust the price for you instead of waiting on the customer service line in store.


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