I’m a shopping expert – how I find items for less than $5 at Walmart through clearance


A shopping expert reveals her trick on how to find amazing deals at Walmart by looking at clearance items.

some of the at cheap prices Cost less than $5.


TikToker Superunsexy posted a video on his channel on how to snag bargain deals in Walmart’s clearance section.credit: tiktok/superunsexy

TIC Toc the user super sensual He has over 108,000 followers and regularly posts videos on his channel highlighting the quest for evacuation.

The video shared by him a week ago has garnered hundreds of likes.

In this, Houston Texas Man passes by many items that buyers can find here walmart For less than $5 after significant markdowns.

He begins by saying that the area where handbags and hair accessories are displayed is often overlooked.

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TikToker pointed to racks of silk scrunchies sold in bundles of two.

He says they regularly go for $10 per pack, but they were only marked down to $3.

Then he added a headwrap and highlights to an array of hats, including one in a dull gold hue, for $3.50.

He added that “there were too many and they’re only $3.”

He then ventured to a display of scarves, which he said were only $3.50, down from $9.50.

Then he moved on to the pocketbook section.

They were regularly priced around $17, but Supernaxy said “they’re scintillating for $4 — there’s a lot of them.”

All these scarves are $9.50 .  has come down from just $3.50


All these scarves are $9.50 . has come down from just $3.50credit: tiktok/superunsexy

And he said don’t forget the dark sunglasses on sale for a steal of $1.

He then added: “There’s a lot on clearance in this section and I was freaking out before I could even see it behind me.”

At which point he pointed to an end cap marked at $5 that was filled with child accessory items and the entire kit marked at just $2.

Some users commented.

Joesieamador11 said, “But I go and there’s nothing.”

To which nbr565 replied, “Yes well shipping is full price.”

Kauchnotqa0 just said, “Tie super.”

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Here’s More About Finding Big Savings walmart,

In addition, other ways save And make your dollar go further.

Everything at the end range was in a section marked $5, but all items were sold for only $2.  was marked up


Everything at the end range was in a section marked $5, but all items were sold for only $2. was marked upcredit: tiktok/superunsexy


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