I’m a shopping expert – I found Barbies and Legos for half price in Walmart, follow my advice and you can too


WALMART works to live up to its mantra of “Save Money, Live Better” by offering consumers low prices on everyday items.

4,700. are more than walmart stores nationwide, and 90% of Americans have a Walmart within 10 miles of their home.


You can see price changes at Walmart using the price tracking site

While Walmart doesn’t always offer lower prices than its competitors on all items, most of the store’s products are affordable and there are lots of discounts available.

For example, the money-saving blog Crazy Coupons Lady share Advice on how to find clearance deals on toys at retail chains.

Deals included up to 50% off Beekind and Barbie dolls as well as Legos, action figures, and Fisher-Price toys.

To find some of Walmart’s hottest discounts on toys and other items, using Crazy Coupons Lady is recommended. brycsik,

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The website compiles discount and clearance offers from several major stores, including Walmart, and allows shoppers to view availability and pricing at their local stores as well.

Under Walmart’s inventory, BrickSeek displays popular offers, along with approximately the percentage of stores that advertise discounted prices.

Deals include up to 50% off 55-inch Roku TVs at more than 70% of Walmart stores and up to 90% off jeans at a quarter of locations.

Since pricing and availability at Walmart’s discounts often vary by store, BrickSeek is a useful asset that helps shoppers track accessible offers.

If you have an item in mind that you want to check discount, you can also search by product ID.

BriskSeek also checks inventory and prices CVS, target, home depotbj, dollar generaland Staples.

Where to Find Digital Coupons

In addition to sites like BrickSeek, using coupon apps and websites can help you achieve great savings, especially at big box stores like Walmart.

Walmart has coupons its website Which you can print and show at your local store.

simultaneously, coupon.com A great source for finding hundreds of dollars worth of savings at tons of popular stores.

The site features digital and printable coupons that offer discounts on everything from food to cleaning supplies to personal care items.

you can also download Coupons.com App For added convenience.

Primarily a grocery couponing resource, lozo Compiles coupons from 19 major stores, including Kroger, Target and Stop & Shop.

The site has a great feature that lets you create a grocery list and see what coupons are available for the item you plan to buy.

Many manufacturers also offer coupons on their products, like Procter & Gamble. P&G Good Everyday initiative.

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Here are more ways to save Grocery Shopping at Walmart.

and check out Foods You should never buy from Walmart.


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