I’m a Walmart superfan – Exact days of the month you should shop if you want to save cash on products


If you’re looking to save some cash, a Walmart superfan shares the exact day of the month when you should be shopping.

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These shopping tips will help you find the right time to shop for deals
Take advantage of online resources to get the most out of your money


Take advantage of online resources to get the most out of your money

One of the suggestions is to have the biggest markdowns and the widest selection of withdrawals during the first five days of the month, so plan accordingly.

You should also stress Walmart clearance toys in mid-December and starting in July. This is when most withdrawals offer discounts of around 75 percent and can reach up to 90 percent off the original price according to experts.

Another pro tip is that 75 percent off is the best place to get a great deal and still have a great selection of toys left.

Also, you must remember to shop throughout the year for your holiday decorations to get the best discounts. After the holiday is over, Walmart will start selling items from the previous season at at least 50 percent off.

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Be sure to grab non-holiday-look items so you can rearrange them for other holidays or occasions.

Be on the lookout for holiday clearance items from last year that Walmart will be on display for sale this year. These items will be cheap and you can get them in time for vacation.

The best time to buy a TV is from late February to March. If you’re in dire need of it now, below are online resources to help you nail a deal.

If you want perishable items for a bargain, look for “customer price markdowns” on products, which are basically a sales sticker.

Walmart will mark items the day before their “best by date,” usually around 8 p.m. the night before that date.

Most Walmarts will also have a section where they keep dented cans for a fraction of the cost.

online resources

One online resource is BrickSeek. Download the BrickSeek app or visit their websites at Walmart, Target, and other stores to find the best deals for the products you’re looking for.

If you find an item that should be on clearance but has sold out, you can use the BrickSeek app for that as well.

Find the name of the item or paste its UPC (Universal Product Code) into the BriskSeek inventory checker to see if it is available in other stores and still on clearance.

Visit Walmart.com for an easy way to save. You can search “withdrawals” and find great deals. You can also filter by “in-store” if you prefer to find those clearance items at stores near you rather than paying for delivery.

The Walmart app is also very useful. You can use it to check if an item is on clearance. Be sure to turn on your location services, so the app will show you the item’s current in-store price.

In the app, go to the “Services” and then the “Store Tools” tab and scan the prices with the “Check Price” tool.

Another tip is to use Instagram to find out what sales Walmart is offering by searching hashtags like #walmartclearance. Others are eager to share their amazing discoveries on social media, which can be to your advantage.

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Bonus Tips

Make sure you don’t limit yourself to just the general clearance section. Clearance items can also be found in endcaps or their respective aisles.

Walmart stores may have clearance sales unique to their location. One last tip is to ask a manager if they have any additional discounts for the merchandise they are trying to sell.


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