I’m a Walmart superfan – how I found five secret hidden clearance items that cost $3 or less


A WALMART superfan reveals how he unearthed hidden treasure at a clearance sale that cost no more than $3.

Posted by Leticia V Youtube video With all his bargaining he finds from home and Garden Accessories for clothing and more.


Walmart super fan Leticia V shared a YouTube post showing the hidden she discovered in the clearance section at her locationcredit: YouTube/Leticia V

He’s got over 1,000 views on his clearance items.

Here are just five of the many items highlighted in his nine-minute-long video walmart,

1. Sports Bra

He started by holding a jockey Play bra and said: “I want you to know, I scanned these things and they’re ringing for $3.”

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A wide range and variety was shown in his posts.

2. Jeans and Denim Jacket

She then put on a pair of black jeans that cost $3, less than $17 for a huge savings.

She also ditched the denim jacket for the same unbeatable price.

3. T-shirt

Remarkably, $3 wasn’t the cheapest he got things for.

As she passed by the store, she found a rack T-shirt Which cost $1 and, again, he said he scanned them and the price was accurate.

Leticia went through the evacuation racks and found some other great finds.

Some deals, including this salad plate from The Pioneer Woman brand, worked out to a little over $1


Some deals, including this salad plate from The Pioneer Woman brand, worked out to a little over $1credit: YouTube/Leticia V

4. Tableware

About halfway through her video post, she reached the section with the tableware.

Leticia said: “You guys! I’ve scanned a lot of these plates that are already marked and they are marked down even more.”

He marked some plates as $4 or $2, but said the price is even lower now.

“It’s $2 now,” alluding to a Pioneer Woman brand floral dinner plate that cost $1.97.

A baby handbag costs $15 .  was only $3 more than


A baby handbag costs $15 . was only $3 more thancredit: youtube/Leticia V

5. Handbags

The YouTuber then found two wallets she was fawning over.

One cost $3.50 for a child, about $15 less, while on the other it bundled two purses and a coin holder together.

Forging reveals a slew of items, including balloons, makeup, even graduation gifts, all came in at $3 and less.

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here’s more at cheap prices And the perfect day to shop at Walmart to get them.

Plus, saving for less target on diapers.


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