I’m an Aldi superfan – my favorite finds beyond the food aisles under $10


ALDI is the fastest growing grocery chain in the US.

The chain has opened over 1,000 stores in the past decade and plans to have locations in 38 states by the end of 2022.


Some of the Most Popular Store Items at Aldi Finds
finds that these candles are available for a limited time at reduced prices


finds that these candles are available for a limited time at reduced prices

Aldi is so popular among its buyers because it offers very affordable priceAlso compared to other low cost stores.

And when the shelves are stocked with high-quality, low-cost food, Aldi’s limited-time deals provide the best value in store.

These Aldi finds rotate on a weekly basis, and new items are marked out every Wednesday.

Aldi Finds includes best-selling and customer-favourite items, as well as seasonal products that are available until supplies last.

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Aldi Finds This Week

On TikTok, an Aldi shopper and food blogger scoured the shelves of her local store to uncover the best finds.

Account Manager Katie Kelly bitsbytesblogwas posted Video Her favorite search highlights for the week of June 29.

She found food, clothing, and other household items, most of which were products for less than $10.

Aldi also stocks it with products that are great for kids, adults, and even pets, meaning you can get something just right for anyone in your household.

His first discovery was new tastes Chobani Invert yogurt in stock for a limited time.

Other foods under $10 include plant-based burgers, harvested cereal bowls, and two flavors of cheesecake.

Discounted clothing options included swimsuits for men and women, an array of earrings, leggings, camis, and pajamas all for less than $10.

Jewelry and other items usually marked as themselves Aldi Finds


Jewelry and other items usually marked as themselves Aldi Finds

Katie also spotted adults’ and children’s pool shoes for just $5 to $7 per pair.

Plus, Aldi had plenty of kitchen tools and products like a 24-piece food storage set for $9.99 and a pineapple slicer for $4.99.

For pet owners, the store also has a $9.99 Animal Shower Shammie to keep your furry friends clean.

The other top find was the Huntington Home Candles for just $8.99, a $10 backpack that doubles as a cooler

For kids, Aldi also has discounts on water bottles with designs ranging from Buzz Lightyear to Paw Patrol to Disney Princesses.

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