I’m an Aldi superfan – the ‘aisle of shame’ can be overwhelming but there’s a trick to finding the real deals


To find the best deals, you may have to do some digging.

Molly Dronson, who goes filifoodies On TikTok, there is a self-proclaimed foodie living and working in Philadelphia.


Mollie Dronson and her mom share the secret to great deals at Aldi Finds Islecredit: Molly Dronson

He carried around 77,000 with him. likes to share TIC Toc All the great food followers can find in town all the time saving money,

one in recent tiktokMolly and her mother reveal the formula for the cheap find.

Mystery – Aldi Finds the corridor.

Or as Mollie’s mother called “the corridor of shame”.

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The Aldi Finds section is similar to the clearance section in many stores.

The grocery chain has rotating merchandise that includes limited time, special products.

Items range from seasonal foods, gardening essentials, and occasionally pet accessories.

Most products can be found online and lasts for a week at a time.

This week, the deals that the mother-and-daughter duo received began on June 15 and ended on June 21.

His first discovery was a Crofton Insulated To-Go Tumbler for $7.99.

It comes three different patterns: Drinks well with cactus, lobster, fireworks, or others.

There are other candles on sale from Huntington Homes in Aldi Finds Isle


There are other candles on sale from Huntington Homes in Aldi Finds Islecredit: Molly Dronson

It has a 100% stainless steel lid and straw and comes with double-wall insulation for hot and cold retention.

Then there’s the Crofton 12-Piece Glass Bowl Set with Snap Lids for $16.99.

set Comes with six bowls and six lids and includes a black dry erase marker and eraser for even writing.

The bowls are stackable, leak-resistant, and come in square or round.

These glass bowls of the Crofton brand will be on sale till June 21


These glass bowls of the Crofton brand will be on sale till June 21credit: Molly Dronson

Shoppers also have their choice of red or brown.

He then got the Huntington Home Coconut Cream Macaron (cream colored glass).

Candle Also comes in Raspberry Rose (pink tinted glass), or Berry Almond (tan frosted glass).

The 12-ounce candle is a soy blend and is just $7.99 each.

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Plus, it shares the Aldi Pro best day to shop In-store for the best bargains.


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