I’m an Aldi superfan – three things under $5 you need to try at the store this week


There are more deals to be found at Aldi this week.

a TIC Toc Influencer shared Aldi The items he tried are well worth your money.


TikTok influencer arit_shops recommends Neapolitan trail mix.credit: tiktok: arit_shops

influencer, which is referred to as arit_shops On TikTok, scoured the aisles.

She shared with her 119,000 followers what her Aldi found this week and what makes them worth you Dollar,

Keep in mind, Aldi products vary by location.

Here’s what you can check out the next time you visit your local Aldi.

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trail mix

Southern Grove Neapolitan Trail Mix is ​​the winner in arit_shops’ book.

She explained that the Trail Mix didn’t even come home because she opened it in the car.

She said there are little strawberries in it “that have things in it.”

He said: “Oh my god. Very nice!”

According to the Aldi site, this trail mix also comes in S’mores mix.

Both are seasonal items and are limited.


There shouldn’t be just any bread on your list.

Arit_shops said the Apple Strudel Breakfast Bread is “very good.”

He said it comes in two types, the other variety being marble cinnamon.

Arit_shops suggests making the bread either by toasting it or as French toast.


Specially selected Lattice Cut Kettle Chips made arit_shops’ shopping list.

She said that she likes them because of the mesh cut.

She added, however, that “the chips taste fine.”

If you want to try a bag, it sells for $2.49.

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