I’m on Universal Credit and saved £600 a year on broadband bills – here’s how you can too


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A woman shares how she saved nearly £600 a year on her broadband bills, thanks to little-known deals that millions of others may be eligible for.

Social Charges Designed to Help Difficult Families benefits Reduce the cost of essential service.


People with Universal Credit are among those who can get a cheaper broadband dealcredit: Alamy

It is estimated that around four million households are deprived of these cheap tariffs. broadband firm, and A savings of around £250 per year on average.

Special fees for low-income families can make bills more affordable—but not many people know about them.

A knowledgeable saver managed to bite him bill With offers, and with a simple switch, is encouraging others to do the same.

sharing your savings on Facebook Group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UKShe said she was able to reduce her TV, phone and internet bills from Sky to less than £69.50.

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After switching to a Freesat box for TV, they moved to BT on its mandatory tariffs for phones and broadband, which cost them only £15 a month.

This is a savings of £49.50 per month, or a whopping £594 per year.

The one-time cost of a Freeview box might cost him a bit, though Switcher didn’t say how much they spent.

You can pick up a single device for as little as £35, or you can even see if you can get a secondhand one cheap or free on sites like Gumtree or the Facebook Marketplace.

It is worth noting that it may have fewer channels depending on the pay TV package you pay for.

She saved around £60 a year by shopping for a cheaper social tariff, rather than switching to the tariff offered by her current provider.

She said: “I called Sky to cancel the TV package and asked for a better deal on my phone and broadband, they said they could do it for £22 a month and there would be a £10 admin fee.

“My good friend, Richard, told me that BT makes a deal for £15 a month phone and broadband for people who are on benefits so I called Sky today to cancel and went with BT.”

Not all broadband providers offer these special tariffs, but BT and Sky are among them.

cheap deals on benefits

If you are claiming benefits you will usually qualify for these cheap deals but the exact eligibility will depend on the provider.

What you get and the price may also vary.

For example, BT’s Home Essentials Phones with broadband and average speeds of up to 67Mb cost £15 per month.

You can get it if you are receiving Universal Credit or pension creditEmployment and Support Allowance, Job Seekers Allowance or Income Support.

During this, Sky Sky Broadband Basics For existing Sky customers who are getting universal credit or pension credit

For £20 a month they get 36M/bs broadband for 18 months instead of the usual £25 cost. Now TV customers can also get similar deals.

Many of these deals also let you leave the contract mid-contract at no charge.

But if you are switching from a normal deal to these cheap tariffs, first check if there are any exit charges, so that you don’t get hit with an unexpected bill.

The exact amount you can save depends on the contract you are in now and the one you switch to.

You . can see the full list of Social charges available in our guide,

How to save money on your broadband bill

Using a comparison site helps you check all the deals available at one place.

MSE has broadband comparison tool And there are sites like this too Uswich, broadband option And Compare Market,

When comparing the content available on offer, check that it is the right speed for your needs.

Companies often also offer introductory to new customers and this can bring down the price even more.

you can also Try bargaining with your current provider To match the cheap deal you’ll find elsewhere.

Martin Lewis previously advised that bargain-seekers should be polite and attractive to increase your chances Getting your bills down.

Recently found a Virgin Media customer £264 a year paid off his bill Just asking for a discount.

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They don’t need to match it, but it’s worth a try, and you can always switch to a better deal if they don’t.

But note that while you’re still in a contract, it may cost you money to get out, so check that first.

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