I’m so grateful The Sun gave me £5k to boost my marketplace for black-owned businesses


SAVVY Grace Trowbridge quit her marketing job in the leisure industry with the intention of starting her own property business.

But, after moving from London to the heights of Petersfield, Hampshire EpidemicHe found that it was more difficult than he thought.


Grace Trowbridge quits her marketing job in the leisure industry with the intention of starting her own property business
But after finding it harder than expected, she set up an online marketplace where independent black-owned businesses could promote themselves.


But after finding it harder than expected, she set up an online marketplace where independent black-owned businesses could promote themselves.

Instead, it decided to set up an online marketplace where independent black owned business He could promote himself.

Now their award-winning Simply Noir website hosts over 60 companies, which sell a diverse range of high quality products.

Grace, 37, who has two young children, insists that her business is much more than just a sales platform.

She added: “We also support black businesses by running business workshops and mentoring sessions and offering guidance on getting the best out of outside PR and social media.”

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The £5,000 grant will help Simple Noir develop an app and sponsor two other businesses – Beau Polish and Softly Shea.

Grace said: “We are very grateful, and feel fortunate that we can use this money to help other companies grow and employ more people.”

Grace Trowbridge:

Winner of £250K Business Grant

Start small but dream big! last year the sun and Lotto Firm Camelot Team up to give £250,000 to help small start-up businesses across the country.

Together we offered a life-changing £5,000 grant to prospective business owners with a bright idea who needed cash to get going, or to existing so-called “kitchen table” companies that need to supercharge their growth. were expecting.

We had thousands of entries from amazing entrepreneurs aged 17 to 70, each hoping to do their part to keep the UK in lockdown.

Each one was judged by our panel of stars including top entrepreneurs, celebrities and industry experts.

Today – a year later – we are meeting with some of our 50 winners to reveal how they have changed their lives, their businesses and the communities they are a part of.

Our great big gift to small businesses has seen many Britons get back to work and founding some of the UK’s most innovative and exciting new companies.

Lady Karen Brady CBEJudge, Top Businessman and Sun Kitchen Table Entrepreneur, said: “Times are tough right now so it’s inspiring to see the many small businesses backed by The Sun and Camelot flourish.

“Running my own business can be life-changing and I am proud of all that Sun winners have achieved.”

And our 50 winners are not alone. The latest Business Statistics Bulletin shows that 810,316 new businesses were started in the fiscal year ending 2021 – about 22 per cent in 2019.

So if you’re looking to get started, read about the inspiring entrepreneurs who won £5,000 in our contest.

The sheer ingenuity here needs funding

by Nigel Railton

One of the great privileges of my job is that I get to see the difference with my own eyes. national lottery Makes the country up and down.

Which is why I was so proud of Camelot for supporting The Sun’s brilliant Kitchen Table Entrepreneurs campaign last year.

After all, making sure that as much money as possible goes toward life-changing projects is incredibly important to us.

In fact, it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. For every ticket sold, a substantial piece of the money received goes to a variety of projects, from designing clothes for curvy women to preparing healthy, affordable meals for people.

Remember, every time you play the National Lottery, the UK wins. To date, National Lottery players have helped raise over £45 billion for a good cause, with over 660,000 individual prizes awarded across the UK – the equivalent of over 235 lottery grants in each UK postcode district.

I hope you agree that these are impressive statistics. But there are real human stories behind these huge numbers.

And you can read similar stories over at The Sun today, in which our kitchen table entrepreneurs show off their grants’ worth—and what they’re doing with the money.

The lockdown has made many of us think about what we can do for the rest of our lives.

At a time when the UK economy needs to be pulled all together, I think it’s really humbling to see what these brilliant kitchen table entrepreneurs are up to.

These people are proof that with a little talent and a lot of determination, there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

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If you’ve ever played a national lottery game, thank you.

Read on and wonder how your contribution is helping these small businesses dream big.


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