I’ve driven the ‘fastest seven-seat SUV around a racetrack’ – here’s why the Skoda Kodiaq vRS is worse because of it


The Skoda Kodiaq is a great family SUV, no matter which way you look at it.

It has a maximum seating capacity of seven people, its rear most seats are folded down and has a large boot and Skoda offers a range of economical engines with affordable price tags.


With a few options, the koda Kodiaq VRS costs around £50,000 . Is

Beyond that, it’s the range-topping Skoda Kodiaq VRS, priced at the thick end of £50,000 with a few options.

Very few people pay with cash, but even on lease, that’s a significantly higher amount to pay each month than a Kodiaq.

So what are you getting for all this money?

All things standard Kodiaq got when it was recently refreshed for starters.

But with the VRS you’re also getting the fastest seven-seat SUV around the infamous Nürburgring, albeit with niche pub ammo.

But that official record was set by Sabine Schmitz in 2019 in the older diesel version of the car.

This new model is petrol and on paper is even faster in a straight line.

The engine is the most powerful in the Kodiaq range – a 2.0-litre turbo petrol that makes 245hp and is good for 6.6 seconds from 0-62mph. All-wheel-drive and automatic gearbox are standard.

Then there’s a sports steering wheel, digital driver dial and special VRS sports seats as standard, along with a more aggressive look and unique 20-inch alloy wheels on the outside.

And Skoda gives the VRS a unique suspension tune as well as a standard adaptive suspension system that allows you to strengthen it at the touch of a button for flatter.

It all sounds great, so what’s the problem?

The problem is that the Kodiaq VRS isn’t much fun to drive.

Even in its sportiest driving mode with its throttle and gearbox primed and suspension keeping its body in better check.

Sure it will go faster and accelerate faster, but many non-sporty SUVs can do the same. It doesn’t sound like fun: its steering is pretty numb and the auto gearbox isn’t the fastest either.

And, it makes an awful lot of fake noise which Skoda calls Dynamic Sound Boost, which is produced inside and outside the car, to disguise the fact that its petrol engine is actually quite peaceful.

The real point here is that if you like the look but want a great family SUV, there is a better option.

It’s called the Kodiaq Sportline.

It’s not quite as fast as Skoda’s luxurious 150hp 1.5-litre petrol, but it’s about £10,000 cheaper.

It looks pretty much the same, has the same seven seats, the same spacious boot and is more comfortable, quieter and more economical to drive.

And if you really want an SUV and drive has to come first, you’re better off looking at a Cupra Ateca or the slightly more expensive entry-level one. Porsche Macana rather than.

Key Facts

Skoda Kodiaq VRS

worth: £47,690
device: 2.0-litre petrol
Power: 245hp, 370Nm
0-62mph: 6.6 seconds
above pace: 144mph
Economy: 32.5mpg
CO 2: 198 g/km
out: now

The Kodiaq VRS gets its own unique bodykit


The Kodiaq VRS gets its own unique bodykit
These 20-inch alloy wheels are only available with the range-topping vRS .  But comes


These 20-inch alloy wheels are only available with the range-topping vRS . But comes


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