I’ve saved £380 in weeks with two simple money-saving tricks


Personal assistant Amanda Williams, 33, has saved £380 in just a few weeks with two easy ways to save money.

get free cash by switching bank account and lowering the price of your mobile phone and broadband The deals have saved him hundreds.


Amanda Williams has saved hundreds of pounds with simple money-saving trickscredit: Neil Hope

like many people are feeling the squeeze in cost of life crisisAmanda is taking advantage of simple tricks that can boost your finances.

A mother of two from Plymouth, Devon, says: “I wanted to change bank accounts but First Direct only offered me £20 to open a current account, so I did.

“If I transfer all my banking using the current account switching service, I’ll get £150.”

It almost sounds too good to be true, but a lot of banks will give you free cash just for opening an account.

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now you can £170. get up to To transfer your current account to another bank.

with and Savings Rock-bottom and . rates on inflation raise the price of everything energy bill In the food store, it’s an easy way to get some extra cash.

Amanda said: “If you Google ‘open a cash bonus bank account’ you can see what other bank deals are out there.”

in present, hsbc Offering £170 to new customers, first direct £150 more Lloyds Bank £125.

Be sure to check the terms and conditions though – you may not be eligible if you’ve been a customer before, or you may have to pay a minimum amount each month to qualify.

Amanda’s other top tip is to bargain on your bills.

She said: “I printed out all my bills and realized I could make money by swapping providers or calling and asking for cheaper rates or loyalty discounts.”

He reduced his broadband bill from £40 a month to £19.99.

“That extra twenty quid has helped me buy more fruits and vegetables for the kids,” she said.

Thereafter, she called her mobile phone provider and managed to save five rupees from her bill by changing her package. Then she changed her car insurance provider and is not paying £45 per month instead of £70.

Amanda said: “I’m doing these checks monthly and every month I find a new way to make some cash.

“I changed my credit card to a 0% interest free card for 12 months, saving £120 in interest, which goes towards paying off debt faster.”

bargaining with companies There may be an easier way to cut your outgoing on your bill. Many companies would prefer to lower your price rather than lose you as a customer.

if you are bargaining planMake sure you do some research first so you can provide proof that you can get a better deal elsewhere.

You can use comparison sites such as Uswich, broadband option And Compare Market To help you explore the market.

Check if there are any penalty charges for skipping your current deals, and for best results be polite with the person on the other end of the phone.

Inspired by her savings, Anna is looking for new ways to cut her bills and make some extra cash.

She said: “I also take surveys and get paid to be a mystery shopper, so even though a survey earns me fifty pence when I’m lying in bed enjoying a lie, I still make a few extra bucks. I’m earning.”

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