Kardashian fans find genius way to buy Kim’s SKKN line for CHEAPER after star was slammed for ‘insane’ prices


Kim Kardashian may be earning less than she planned as fans find a cheaper way to buy products from her new skincare line.

throngs of fans SKKN The website looked for new products and quickly noticed a price discrepancy that would save them money.


Kardashian fans shocked by the price point of Kim’s new skincare linecredit: tiktok/scan
By purchasing refills instead of single products, shoppers can save money


By purchasing refills instead of single products, shoppers can save money

on one subreddit For keeping up with the KardashiansOne user shared that the current “sale” is not actually a sale.

SKKN website The full collection lists all of the products for $673, but it’s currently on sale for $575.

how to buy it for less

Buyers can instead choose to buy refills, which are single items that cost less than a “single” item but still have the same amount of product.

Buying all refills will cost $574, and the only difference is the packaging.

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SKKN also offers a subscription service Which boasts of free shipping, 10% off products, and early access to new items.

When the skincare line was first announced, many fans expressed their dismay at the fact that the line was not what it used to be. Affordable as it was explained.

Many people gave their opinion in Kim’s comment section instagramsaying, “Only $600? LOL! It’s a tank of gas right now!”

Another fan lamented: “Only fine for rich people. It’s statistics. What was I thinking of ‘affordability’?”

While one person was feeling lonely: “That’s not affordable for some of us! That’s too bad. I was so excited about this collection!”

Despite the backlash, billionaire Kim says High prices are a “need” To get ingredients into products that she “truly won’t miss.”

during an interview with new York TimesShe continued: “The products I was using were comparable, not anything to compare to, but more expensive.

When asked how she would explain the high price to her 315 million Instagram followers when most of them “probably won’t be able to afford it,” she quipped that the line stands for “iconic.”

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