Kendall Jenner shows off her $150K Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon convertible while out with sister Khloe Kardashian


Kendall Jenner is known for her love of cars.

And The Kardashians’ Hulu series featured Kendall cruising with Khloe in her Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon convertible.


Kendall Jenner drives her Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon with Khloe Kardashian in the passenger seatcredit: Hulu

Hulu’s The Kardashians premieres on April 14, 2022

The next episode of The Kardashians will air on June 16, 2022

khloekylie, kimAnd Courtney So are the owners of G-Wagons.

Kendall was earlier seen driving the G Wagon and texting Illegal in Los Angeles.

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california The law states that first offenders are fined $20, and second-time offenders can be fined $50, nolo Report.

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMW) will take action at a licensing point for cell phone violations within 36 months of prior conviction.

Exceptions to California’s driving law include:

  • Drivers to turn mounted GPS on or off
  • Using a hands-free phone configuration such as voice control
  • Drivers using a system installed by the manufacturer in their vehicle

Carmakers are using connected technology to help drivers use their phones safely behind the wheel.

The two most popular phone and car integration systems are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Apps are included as standard offerings in most automobiles due to the popularity of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Apple CarPlay users can use Siri to receive and send messages, while an Android Auto-driver can perform similar tasks with Android Auto’s Google Assistant.

Kendall’s G-Wagon is a G500 cabriolet that was one of 200 units manufactured in 2012 and 2013, self development Report.

The powertrain of the G 500 cabriolet comprises of a 5.0-litre V8 engine mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Kendall driving her $150k Mercedes-Benz G Wagon


Kendall driving her $150k Mercedes-Benz G Wagoncredit: Hulu


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