Leeds 0 Man City 4 LIVE SCORE: Fernandinho with late strike after Jesus hits third


Goals from Fernandinho, Gabriel Jesus, Nathan Acke and Rodrigo saw Manchester City overhaul Liverpool at the top of the Premier League table.

The city saw rivals Earlier, Liverpool had won 1-0 at Newcastle. in daytime.

But Pep Guardiola’s side was in no mood to let the Reds top the pile and Rodrigo’s opening goal put their nerves to rest.

Stuart Dallas is taken off a stretcher after injuring his knee in a challenge with Jack Grealish.


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  • All attention goes to Madrid

    Spain will have the pleasure of deciding both Champions League semi-finals this week as Man City and Liverpool head there for the second leg to settle their ties.

    City will feel that the mission is here today and they can focus on Wednesday’s game with Madrid.

    With a 4-3 lead from the first leg, the game is certainly not over.

  • citizens move on

    The pressure people talk about is pressure from Jurgen Klopp’s side of the pap with breathing from their neck.

    It’s not something the city seems to be phasing out as they match the point of their rivals.

    City have returned to the top of the table, which is very disappointing for Liverpool fans.

  • FT: Leeds 0-4 Man City

    The referee ends the game.

    The scoreline shows that the city had to work harder.

    Screw turning in closing stages on Elland Road.

  • Leeds 0-4 Man City

    90+3. The city was knocking on the door.

    Leeds blocked and tried to clear the ball to the edge of the box when Fernandinho came out.

    He hits it in the bottom corner.

  • Target – Fernandinho (Man City)

  • Leeds 0-3 Man City

    90+2. Rafina steps down the wing and hits a good ball in the box.

    Gelhardt receives it and shoots from point blank.

    Ederson somehow saves it from the boot.

  • Leeds 0-3 Man City

    90. We’ll have three extra minutes.

    Gundogan has a chance to score a fourth goal but he drives it wide.

    In all fairness to him, he had to build up the momentum on the ball himself as it swung upwards in the air.

    Just wide of the post.

  • Leeds 0-3 Man City

    88. The city has a chance to put the cherry on top of the cake.

    Canslow is thrown in and he drops his shoulder to beat up his man and finds himself face to face with Messlier.

    Luckily for Leeds he hits it straight at the Leeds keeper.

  • Leeds 0-3 Man City

    86. The fans of the house are making themselves heard.

    It’s good to hear when those three goals are down.

    Today is a tough test for Leeds and it doesn’t get easier in their next tow game.

  • Leeds 0-3 Man City

    84. Leeds came forward with Dan James.

    His first touch is not good and City have got a leg up.

    Visitors seem happy to have their clean sheets on right now.

  • Leeds 0-3 Man City

    82. City is now passing the ball to run the clock down.

    Leeds become more frustrated as they cannot win the ball back.

    Rodri came in for Fernandinho.

  • Leeds 0-3 Man City

    80. City fans celebrate their three points.

    It’s been a tough game in terms of grinding a result.

    They may not have been at their best, but that’s not what one would remember about the game.

  • Leeds 0-3 Man City

    78. The Great Pass from Foden feeding it in the Way of Jesus.

    One touch to control it, one touch to finish it.

    Game over.

  • Target – Gabriel Jesus (Man City)

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    76. City have done well in this second half to keep Leeds away.

    They are trying to find a way out but the defending champions hold on.

    And all this with many of his big-hitters on the bench.

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    74. The city has another chance to fall at Stirling’s feet.

    Leeds again brings the body over the line and blocks the shot.

    The home team is trying to find a way back in the game.

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    72. Rafina runs over to take the corner.

    Still paper balls are raining around him.

    Leeds playmaker takes a jibe at home fans.

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    70. Rafina breaks to the left.

    He cuts from the inside and tries to go away with a shot on his left foot.

    Laporte manages to deflect the ball over the bar.

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    68. The Leeds manager was shown a card for what one of his coaches said or did.

    The protocol is that the manager ‘takes one for the team’.

    Americans seem bewildered by this.

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    66. The city is knocking again.

    He can be blamed in a few ways for trying to get the ball inside.

    Marsh is shown a yellow card by the referee.

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    64. Gellhardt arrives for Leeds.

    That would give them a focal point in front.

    Leeds City are trying to stretch the defence.

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    62. Leeds is doing its best to create and create something.

    He can’t hold the ball in the last third.

    Laporte wins the ball with a lunge challenge.

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    60. Zinchenko comes in for a lame AK.

    With games getting thick and fast, it is important that Guardiola does not put any of his players at risk.

    The city is now happy to manage the game, passing it on to enrage its opponents.

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    58. Grealish comes in to get a corner.

    It’s like it’s raining paper balls as he is cheered on by Leeds fans.

    Cross comes in but is clearly moving.

  • Leeds 0-2 Man City

    56. Disappointing target to give to Leeds.

    He has given these two goals away from the set piece.

    It’s the kind of defense that’s watching them get sucked into the fight for exile.


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