Little People’s Audrey Roloff shows off her grandpa’s new $99K red Tesla and shares video of car’s ‘light show’


Audrey Roloff posted an Instagram story of her grandfather showing off her new $99K Tesla Model S.

instagram The post’s overlay text reads: “My grandpa got a Tesla and this is the first time he’s wanted to show us a light show.”


The Tesla Model S is featured in Audrey Roloff’s Instagram Storycredit: Instagram / Audrey Roloff

Tesla’s The light show originally debuted on the Model X, but is now present on the manufacturer’s inventory.

Tesla integrated its light show into its entire vehicle lineup through an over-the-air software update on Christmas Eve, 2021.

a Tesla The light show displays the model’s headlights, taillights, cabin lights, and other lights shining on a pre-selected Christmas song.

Anyone with a computer can create their own Tesla custom light show through the free, open-source software, xLights.

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Drivers looking to save time can load other drivers’ shows on different platforms, motor instinct Report.

Tesla owners can go to the Tesla Light Show subredditWhere producers share their shows from YouTube and make them available to the audience.

Another Tesla Light Show site Custom show displays via preview.

According to Motor Trend, you can integrate your favorite driver-built Tesla Light Show via a USB drive.

You’ll need a USB drive as Tesla’s original dash-cams have a base-level TeslaCam folder – which will disable the downloaded light show.

Format your USB drive as exFAT or FAT32 on PC or MS-DOS FAT for Mac before creating a root folder called LightShow, instructs Motor Trend.

After downloading a custom show, there should be two files; lightshow.fseq and lightshow.wav—or lightshow.mp3.

The fseq file represents the sequence data of the show, while the .wav or .mp3 file serves as the audio.

Add those two files to your root LightShow folder, and you’re good to plug your USB drive into your Tesla’s USB port.

Audrey Roloff's Grandfather's New Tesla Model S


Audrey Roloff’s Grandfather’s New Tesla Model Scredit: Instagram / Audrey Roloff


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