Lucky Brit scoops massive £8.5m EuroMillions jackpot in second biggest win this MONTH


A mystery Brit has today won the £8.5 million lotto jackpot, the second biggest win of the month.

And you could be the country’s latest multi-millionaire – as prize money Still unclaimed.


A National Lottery player is the lucky winner of £8.5million – they just don’t know itcredit: Getty – Contributor

national lottery Urges Brits to check their tickets at the earliest to uncover the secret identity of the lucky winner.

The life-changing sum is the second major jackpot won this month, after another player received £8.6million on 11 May.

The winning numbers were 30, 31, 37, 45, 49, 56.

The other 23 players also won £1,750 after choosing five of the six options, but missed out on the £1 million cash prize without bonus number 51.

This news has come after a married couple Gloucestershire Won Britain’s biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever – An eye-watering £184million.

Earlier in May, Joe Thwaite, 49, and wife Jess, 44, won Stunning Cash Prize Which now makes him instantly richer than Adele.

After the lucky couple realized their mega win, they went about their day like normal and celebrated with a family meal — “we’re just an ordinary family,” Jess said.

Now eyes on Joe and Jess £7.25 million Cotswolds Mansion Going more near Jeremy Clarkson’s farm Pay People to Do Their DIYs,

Now National Lottery players must check their tickets to find out if they have become £8.5million rich instantly.

Andy Carter, senior winners advisor for The National Lottery, described the multimillion-pound jackpot as “wonderful news.”

He added: “This is the second major win of the month when one lucky ticket holder banked a massive 8.6 million pound lotto jackpot on May 11.

“Players are urged to check their tickets and give us a call to claim this amazing prize.”

No one successfully selected the winning Thunderball combination – 22, 23, 24, 30, 37 plus Thunderball number 02 – meaning the £500,000 prize went unclaimed.

However, 16 players won £250 by choosing the four correct numbers in addition to the Thunderball number.

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In a recent poll, Brits revealed the first thing they buy If they won EuroMillions.

Most chose vacations and home upgrades, and more than a quarter said they would sprinkle cash on one new car first.

But one percent of 5,000 people said they would go straight to bookies or casinos and try to improve their winnings.

Eight percent will pay their debts immediately, but only five percent will donate their winnings.

And four percent will visit Harley Street for cosmetic surgery to celebrate their victory with a lift and tuck.

The lucky winner of the biggest EuroMillions jackpot before Joe and Jess spends £40 million over eight years before he died.

Colin Weir, who split his £161million winnings with his ex-wife, manages to set aside half of his £80million by buying stakes in his favorite brands such as Irn-Bru and Greggs.


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