Luton 1 Huddersfield 1 LIVE REACTION: Bradley’s well-timed volley sets ups perfectly poised second leg


Nathan Jones Responds

Speaking to Sky Sports, Jones said:

“Like I said pre-match the gap between the two sides is really tight and really small.

“I thought the first half we were excellent, really excellent.

“We should have imposed a penalty which is a potential red card there because he has been denied the opportunity to score a full goal.

“I know they had half of that little one … but it’s very difficult. Obviously I look at it with orange eyes, but I thought we were excellent in the first half.

“We needed to capitalize on that. They gave us problems in the second half, we just packed into midfield and we didn’t hold onto it until we turned. But, real tactical game, real cage game. , there’s nothing in it.

“The keeper really had a shot to save and it goes in, but they are a good team, they are a great side and it’s going to be difficult but it’s worth playing for.”

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