Martin Lewis asks Rishi Sunak to explain why thousands on benefits and low incomes will miss out on the £650 payment


Money-saving expert Martin Lewis tells Rishi Sunak about groups of people who may miss out on the package of help announced by the chancellor today.

Earlier today, Mr. Sunak announced bumper £15bn package To help Britons struggling with rising bills and record-high inflation.


Martin Lewis has grilled the chancellor over his declaration of support todaycredit: Rex

it contains a £650 payment Up to 8 million on means tested benefits, a £400 payment to every house, £150 for those on disability benefits and a £300 payment 8 million pensioner families.

They also announced an additional £500 million domestic assistance fundWhich gives struggling families extra cash and vouchers for bills through local councils.

but in one Live Q&A hosted on Mr. Lewis’s Twitter page And money saving expert website The consumer expert shared some concerns.

He pointed out that some Brits who receive a caregiver allowance on certain benefits – the contribution based employment support allowance and personal liberty payment – ​​as well as those who receive it, will miss out on a payment of £650.

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Mr. Sunak said: “Our current system is the best guide. 8 million means tested are on the benefits.

“This is where most of the calls were for help.

“It comes out to on top of £400 and possibly £150.

“A third of UK families will have that support. There will always be others who will need support as well.

“We’ve done some assistance to help people with disabilities.”

“Most people on carers allowance will get those other things.

Mr Sunak also said that the government has created a discretionary fund, which is available through local councils to exempt families.

Mr Lewis asked the chancellor about low-income people who do not get Universal Credit but are still being hit by the cost of living crisis.

Mr. Sunak said, “It is right to give priority to the most needy.

“We’re Raising the National Minimum Wage and Lowering the National Insurance Limit”

“A single mom with two kids on a national living wage – would be better than £2,500 to that single mom to help combat some of the rising bills.

“I am not saying that the problem will be solved but we are providing assistance.”

Earlier in the day Mr Lewis said he thought the aid package was “liberal”, as he outlined how much people can expect as part of the measures.

He had meanwhile described the rise in bills and taxes experienced by most households as “shocking” and “unbelievable”.

Energy price cap raised from £1,971 to £1,277 on 1 April – £700. Add A year to bill 22 million customers.

But regulator Ofgem predicts it will go up to another £800 above autumn time, when the price cap could reach £2,800.

Martin explained earlier today, that the jump from the average energy price before April to this October’s projected cap means consumers spend around £1,500 a year more on a typical bill.

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