McVities makes major change to digestive biscuits this week – and some fans will LOVE it


MCVITIES Introduces A New Healthy Digestive Biscuit – That Won’t Crumple When Poured Into a Kappa.

The new recipe — called Wholesense Digestive — contains 30 percent less sugar and 50 percent more fiber than Normal Digestive.


McVities introduces a new healthy digestive biscuit – that won’t crumble when poured into a Gavin Fogg

Boss tried the new formulation on hundreds of biscuit lovers to make sure the treat tastes the same when dipped in the tea.

The packs hit store shelves this week, priced at £1.59 for 300g.

McVities claims that the new recipe retains the biscuits’ “distinctive, salty-sweet flavor.”

The snacks giant first tried to make tea time less fatty in 2008 and 2009, slashing £6m to halve its saturated fat content.

But after a string of consumer complaints that the biscuits were too crunchy and ‘less dunkable’.

The brand switched to the classic recipe back in 2013.

David Titman, marketing director of McVity’s owner Pladis, said: “It’s now even easier for shoppers to tuck into their biscuit tin favorites, whether they’re looking for an indulgent treat or something lighter”.


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