Millions of Americans in line for $350 inflation checks if proposal gets green light – see the qualifications


A GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE in Ohio has announced his intention to send a $350 stimulus payment to fight inflation.

in an interview with Scioto Valley GuardianDemocratic candidate Nan Whaley shares her plan to help Ohioans cope with rising costs.


Nan Whaley, the Democratic nominee for governor in Ohio, is seeking a $350 exemption

“Ohioans is hurting right now – whether it ranges from higher gas prices to increased costs at the grocery store,” said Mrs. Whale.

“That’s why I’m proposing an inflation exemption of $350 per person, or $700 per couple, for middle-class Ohioans to offset higher gas prices and other rising costs.”

Mrs Whale formerly served as Mayor of Dayton, ohioand played the role from 2014 to January 2022.

In 2020, she was the vice president of the American Conference of Mayors and was promoted to president in 2021.

Will senior citizens get incentive checks?
Four stimulus checks and payments are set to reach more than a million this month

Mrs Whaley was one of several mayors to call for federal aid to state and local governments nationwide during the pandemic.

Now, with her sights set on the top job in Ohio, she wants to make sure those federal funds benefit the residents of her state.

The Guardian reports that the state will receive $2.68 billion in funding from the next round of US Rescue Play payments, which it said will cover its costs. Discount,

Mrs. Whaley’s plan would send $350 to individuals earning less than $80,000 annually and $750 to couples earning no more than $160,000.

More than 7 million Ohioans will benefit from the proposal.

According to Mrs Whaley, $350 would cover what the average resident pays in gasoline taxes, “plus additional money for other essentials”.

2022 Ohio Gubernatorial Race Conditions

Mrs. Whaley easily won the Democratic primary for governor of Ohio, securing 65.1% of the vote in the state’s May 3 primaries.

However, he faces stiff competition in the general election against incumbent Governor Mike Devine.

Mr. Devin, a Republican, has been involved in Ohio politics for more than 40 years and is seeking a second term as the state’s executive.

The candidates will vote on November 8.

Mr. Divine is very much liked, only after the primary poll Giving him a 15-point edge, but there are some cracks in the governor’s armor.

After winning 60% of his party’s vote in the 2018 primaries, Mr. Devin garnered the support of just 48% of Republicans in this year’s primaries.

Republicans have held the governor’s seat in Ohio since 2011, and the state has been all-red for four years since 1991.

Mrs Whaley hopes her stimulus plan will go into effect long before the election.

Proposing a $350 discount, he called on Mr. Devin to immediately implement the incentive program.

“It’s not like I’m saying, ‘Hey, wait until I come to the office,'” said Mrs. Whale.

“Mike Devin should be doing this now.”

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