Millions of drivers will see a gas tax increase starting today – who is affected?


A change has gone into effect that will affect the millions of Americans at the pump.

Today, July 1, the gas tax california That would increase by about three cents per gallon.


Tax will increase by three cents per galloncredit: getty

The move comes despite the state’s MPs requesting suspension of the gas tax.

“We’re calling for the suspension of the gas tax, beginning in January, as the quickest, easiest way to provide relief on gas prices to every California consumer,” said Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher.

“If we had done that everyone would have saved over $2,400 right now.”

How much will you pay extra?

Already, California has highest gas prices In the country – with current average of $6.27 per gallon, as per AAA,

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A three-cent increase in California would mean smaller cars would cost an additional 36 cents each trip to the pump, given that the average fill takes 12 gallons.

So, if you go to the pump once a week, you’ll spend an additional $1.44 per month.

It takes an average of about 15 gallons to fill larger cars—which means it could cost you another $1.80 if you find yourself at gas stations at the same rate.

According to a market research firm, there were more than 27 million registered drivers in California in 2020. statista,

What’s up union?

Tax Hike Comes as President Joe Biden called On Congress to suspend the federal gas tax.

By implementing a nationwide gas tax holiday, it would save drivers 18.4 cents per gallon.

However, this is not likely to happen.

Joe Munchkin of West Virginia, one of the Democrats in the Senate that has pitched Mr Biden’s build back agenda, has indicated he will not support it.

Other than this, politician reported that it is a “potential ruin” because the Democratic leadership is not as sold as Biden on the gas tax holiday.

Additionally, some Republicans would vote in favor of it, believing that Democrats are not legislative filibusters in the Senate.

What about other states?

Meanwhile, some other states have suspended the gas tax.

New York Drivers have faced a 48.22-percent fuel tax per gallon of gas and a 46.98-percent tax per gallon on diesel.

However, the state passed a gas tax holiday that would save drivers 16 cents per gallon of gas by the end of the year.

Georgia In March, it raised taxes on regular fuel at about 29 cents per gallon and 32 cents on diesel.

Governor Brian Kemp has extended the holiday twice – the latest is now effective until August 13.

At the end of March, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed emergency legislation to temporarily suspend the state’s 25 cent tax.

While it was supposed to end on June 30, the governor announced this week that it has been extended to November 30.

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Also, about 23 million Californians are ready to Received Up to $1,050 in tax exemption.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed the state budget into law on Thursday, which includes direct payments.


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