Millions urged to claim Universal Credit NOW or miss out on cost of living payment worth up to £650


Millions of people are being urged to claim Universal Credit right now, or they can say goodbye to any opportunity to claim cash from the government’s £650 living payment.

part of the funding already on the way In existing claimants’ bank accounts, but if you haven’t signed up the gain You can totally miss out.


Millions of people are now being urged to claim Universal Credit or miss a payment of £650credit: Alamy

cost of living payment is part of a package of support Worth as much as £1,500 for the poorest families Unveiled by the government last month.

it comes as energy bill Eye-watering costs from rockets, and prices on supermarket shelves as well as fuel pumps reach record highs,

That was not the only thing the government offered at the time, to help consumers navigate the cost of living crisis.

there is £400 for all energy billers and £300 more for pensioners along the way, as well as to promote domestic assistance fund and £150 extra as a lump sum disability payment for eligible people.

Big Change in Universal Credit Payments in July - Are You Impressed?
Weekly Universal Credit payment of £650 - everything you need to know

But eight million Brits will get the first of their promised £650 cost on Universal Credit and other benefits from 14 july,

Then they only get half the cash, which is worth £326.

DWP has said it will be given as a one-time payment between then and the end of July.

but To get that first payment, You need to have received any eligible benefit payments by May 25 of this year, or by the date the claim has been initiated and subsequently successful.

It’s not just Universal Credit that matters – to be eligible you can claim:

  • income based job seekers allowance
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • income support
  • working tax credit
  • child tax credit
  • pension credit
  • universal credit

But it is the dates that are most important now.

There’s a huge gap between the two, and as such, millions are being urged to claim Universal Credit Now or miss another bout later in the year.

Second payment, worth another £324 Will be done in autumn.

Although the exact date has not been confirmed yet.

But with a jump of nearly two months from the May cut-off to the July 1st payment, there could be a similar time frame for the second pay-out.

And you may be eligible for a second payment, even if you didn’t receive the first payment—as long as you start claiming Universal Credit or other benefits as soon as possible.

You don’t need to do anything to receive a living payment of £650 – it will be paid out automatically.

But you need to act quickly to get the ball rolling for any advantage – so you don’t miss later down the line.

It is estimated that millions of people are missing Anyway thousands of pounds in cash, by not claiming the benefits they are owed.

How to check what benefits you can get

Anyone can check whether they are eligible for the benefit using a simple calculator tool.

The benefits are not just for people who are out of work and millions of people get Universal Credit to increase their income.

entitleto free The calculator Finds out whether you qualify for various benefits, tax credits and universal credits.

You will also find profit calculators turn2us And policy in practice,

Whichever calculator you use will give you an idea of ​​what you can get, but then you’ll have to claim the benefits yourself.

you do it directly through the government online,

To complete your claim you’ll need to provide information about your financial situation – such as how much rent you pay, your earnings, savings, or any disabilities you have, or the cost of childcare to pay.

Who will miss the £650 payment?

If you don’t start claiming Universal Credit on time you could miss out on a payment of £650.

The same goes for any other benefits you may be entitled to.

But there will also be a loss of thousands on financial assistance schemes. due to lapse in rules,

If you have a joint profit claim with a partner you will only receive a payment of £650.

This means some families will get only one payment instead of the two that some might have expected.

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However, the only concern is not paying £650, as thousands of people on Universal Credit could be deprived of it. £500 support Even for their water bill.

Universal Credit claimants can also get lump sum payment Worth up to £812 To help pay the bills.

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