My house gets flooded with sewage every year


No one wants water in their home where it shouldn’t, but a resident suffers annual damage from dirty sewage flooding.

unwanted Flooding It has not only left her carpets and floors soaked, but her wallet completely lightened as more and more destruction ensues.


An angry resident explained that the flood water reached his kneescredit: getty

“Almost every year that I’ve been in my house, there’s been a flood of wastewater,” she said. britainthink report good.

The frustrated resident tried repeatedly with his water company to resolve the issue, but faced a brick wall when there was no response.

“There’s no guarantee that you’re going to get sandbags, are you going to get any warnings or anything like that that’s going to be an issue for us,” she said.

The “dirty, dirty” water that was left to drain out was overloaded with the manhole cover of his street.

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“It really comes down to the height of my knee,” she said.

But the excess water is not only damaging his personal belongings, but it is also reducing the value of his home.

“Selling your house is tough, and getting insurance is tough, now that premiums have gone up.”

Consumers already face heavy spending as bills pile up at the front door energy charge To Broadband rises, taxes and more.

to pay for home or contents insurance Another hit may take a toll on your finances, but it will be more costly to find out you’re not covered, and further down the line when tragedy strikes.

“I feel anxious,” explained this troubled resident. “I can’t sleep at night and feel trapped in the situation because there’s no way out – you feel angry and alone.

“I’d like to see solutions, but this problem has been going on for decades – no one wants to live in mud in sewage.”

She is not the only one to go through the dripping test.

People whose homes are flooded with sewage water are often let down by wastewater companies, say regulating authority of Wat.

Between April 2020 and March 2021, more than 6,000 homes in England and Wales experienced a sewer Flooding The incident inside his house said consumer watchdog.

These issues will range from bad odors to blockages, destroyed properties and personal belongings.

Emma Clancy, Chief Executive of CCW, Voice for Water Consumers, said: “Clogged with sewage is one of the most annoying things in your home.

“Through CCW’s End Sewer Flood Grief campaign, we are demanding better compensation and cleaning standards for sewer flood victims.

“Individual customer service agents are showing sympathy for sewer flood victims, but there is often a perception that the sympathy of the company stops there.

“We want to see companies’ senior leadership teams show commitment to ensuring that flood victims feel their water company is proactive in helping them throughout their experience, from initial response to compensation and resolution.”

What are my rights if my property is flooded?

According to the watchdog’s call, water companies should provide an emergency service to victims of sewer flooding.

They should also respond quickly to incidents, be transparent about the cause of the flood and set timelines for when it will be rectified, so that residents can make their own plans to sort out damage and other things .

Customers should automatically receive any compensation payments they’re eligible for, but it’s important to make sure your goods are Insurance If you expect a pay-out.

Take the time now to check whether your home insurance policy covers the cost of materials and repairs and repairs to the home in the event of a flood, and if not, it may be worth the investment, especially if you live in a high-risk area. lives in.

Moneysupermarket experts previously told The Sun that trying to pick your insurance with the cheapest possible deal may not get you the right cover for your need.

You can still opt for a lower cost one but make sure you are not deprived of protection.

Kate Devine, home insurance spokeswoman for Compare Experts, said: “If your home has been damaged by a flood, it may be worth considering whether to claim your building insurance.

“If the flood damage is only mild, covering the cost of repairs yourself, where possible, can keep your no-claim bonus while avoiding any additional payments.”

You should also consider taking out contents insurance to protect your household items.

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This will protect your belongings from being lost or damaged throughout the year, so if you’re lucky enough not to be affected by floods or wastewater damage, you won’t miss it.

Make sure you organize evidence such as pictures or video recordings of the damages to be ready to claim later.

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