Old Ikea furniture could be worth up to £15,000


If you own vintage Ikea furniture, you might not know that you’re sitting on a small fortune.

The Swedish retailer is famous for its cheap homewares—but some furniture items have gone up in value over the years.


You Can Whip Up Your Old Ikea Furniture for Thousands of Poundscredit: Reuters

Collectors can pay thousands of pounds for in-demand items ranging from armchairs to kitchen chairs.

Pontus Silverstolpe, founder of the Barnaby’s Antiques website, said that over time objects from specific eras can go on to become eye-watering.

They told Mirror: “This is exclusively 1950s and 1980s designer furniture from Ikea that is costing more in the older market.”

The ones that go for more money are the products that flopped in stores and were discontinued.

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This is because there are a smaller number of these items, which makes them rarer and more attractive to collectors.

Here’s Why Mr Silverstolpe Says They Can Make You Up To £15,500 Rich.

it comes as ikea Furniture prices hiked by up to 50 percent A blow to cash-strapped shoppers battling a living crippling crisis.

The Swedish retailer confirmed that it has increased the cost of goods by an average of 10%, but it is reported that the prices of some essential furniture have increased by up to 50%.

Bengt Ruda Cavalli Armchair – £15,500

This chair costs £15,500.  Till then


This chair costs £15,500. Till thencredit: Bukowski

This Bengt Ruda Cavalli armchair dates back to 1959 for 20 pounds.

But recently when it was sold through auction it sold for £15,500.

It set the record for the most expensive piece of Ikea furniture ever made.

Only five of these chairs were made – making it desirable for collectors.

The Armchair – £2,863

Such an unusual chair can go into the thousands


Such an unusual chair can go into the thousandscredit: right

This unusual fluffy white chair was made by Ikea’s furniture group ke, which made furniture between 1952 and 1956.

It sold for £8 in stores at the time. But 50 years later, one of the chairs was sold at auction for £2,863.

Monaco chair – £412

These teal chairs cost £412.  Is


These teal chairs cost £412. Iscredit: Auxenswerkeet Norrköping AB

Teak was all over the range in the 1960s, when these “Monaco” sets of chairs were brought out by Ikea.

They cost £20 for a set of four – it will now go for £412.

OT Armchair – £875

It may sound inconvenient, but this chair is worth a small fortune


It may sound inconvenient, but this chair is worth a small fortunecredit: Bukowski

It may not sound like the most comfortable of seats, but this OT Metal armchair went up at auction for around £900 when a pair recently sold out.

A pair of these rare 1980s chairs would cost £46 to buy.

Now, a pair of chairs was sold in 2016 for £875.

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