Oliveira chokes Gaethje UNCONSCIOUS as Chandler sends Ferguson to hospital with brutal front kick


Oliveira vs. Gaethje – Round 1

Former champion Oliveira takes the center of the octagon but eats a big leg kick.

But Gaethje stumbles with a big right hook and backs off.

Oliveira falls with a big uppercut but Gaethje does not wisely follow him to the ground.

Gaethje drops him again with a left hook, though Oliveira’s fall is delayed.

Oliveira is covered in blood and they are doing a heavy leather trade.

Does a Bronx guard pull up but Gaethje manages to get back on his feet.

The pressure continues from Oliveira, who lands with another right hand.

Oliveira is going to deposit Gaethje on the floor with a huge right hand.

Gaethje defends a triangle but drops his back. Rear naked choke for Charles Oliveira.

It’s a wrap, folks.


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