OnePlus Android 13 will bring new battery widget with OxygenOS 13

When it comes to organizing widgets, OnePlus has tried a lot more innovative techniques. The widget is presented by OxygenOS in a very straightforward manner using an alphabetical, vertically scrolling list. To make the widgets easier to navigate, it categorizes them. To locate what you’re looking for in each category, just click on the drop-down menu. There is a lot of tapping, but it does make things a little easier.

However, customers of the OnePlus Android 13 will discover a new and updated battery widget on their phone. Although the OnePlus 10 Pro has previously undergone beta testing, no such changes were discovered. Well, other features are still in development, and users will see these changes on their smartphones once Android 13 is officially released.

OnePlus Android 13/OxygenOS 13 will bring new battery widget 

For your information, the Battery Widget was unveiled earlier this year at the feature drop. It provides you with information about the battery levels of both your linked devices and your own device. It can inform you of the Bluetooth device connectivity level. It will indicate the level of each earpiece if you are using TWS earphones.

A new battery widget will be included in the OxygenOS 13 running on OnePlus Android 13. It may be resized to display various quantities of information. The phone is one of the four objects that the widget can show. You will see fewer objects when you shrink it.

You may now take the widget and make it smaller such that it just displays one item after the most recent update. You will only be able to see a 21 square indicating the device’s battery level. If you’re trying to fit widgets into your setup, this is helpful.

However, the meaning of the widget is a little bit counterintuitive. to provide you with a thorough overview of your phone and linked gadgets. It allows you to quickly get details about each device’s battery profile. Whether it is useful or not, if you have a smartphone that is compatible with it, you can use it.

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